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Weekly Blog August 31st-September 4th, 2015

A Week in Learning Labs

Yogis found peace during yoga workshops while engaging in Piggy Meditation (a great new yoga book). Students have begun "The Pose A Day" challenge practicing a new pose each month! Embracing serenity and peace has become our mission this month as we honor International Peace Month. Singing favorites such as Peace In My Fingers and What is Peace and reading The Peace Book has students thinking about creating inner peace and peace with others and our environment.

The Human Body inspired our Reggio project as we have begun charting and reading facts about our body inside and out! Students have created sketches of their bodies and have begun multi media skeletons! Body painting and printing was a bone-i-fied hit with our little scientists as they discovered they could use their body parts as human stamps!

Students are turning the Art Studio blue like the master himself Pablo Picasso. Budding Picassos are learning about his Blue Period, his interest in turning ordinary objects into art and his original use of shape. Students have shown interest in his painting Old Guitarist and we will be creating unique guitar masterpieces.


Welcome Meyer Family to our school family. We are are excited to watch Aria explore and grow!.
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TerraSoul Eco Essentials Product of The Week.


Our best selling reusable bag is not just for the grocery store. Carry in your hand or over your shoulder. Holds 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff. Great for gym, beach, diaper bag, travel, and so much more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle.

Go Gold for Childhood Cancer!

To raise awareness and to teach compassion and kindness to our students we are honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month at TerraNichol Academy. Go Gold by donating $1 for a Go Gold bracelet! All donations will be forwarded to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. We will also be hosting a trikathon for donations as well on Thursday September 10th, 2015. Each lap is a minimum $1 pledge. A Pledge sheet will be available in the Rock Room to support your child in the laps that they complete for St. Jude's. Special donations will also be collected to make a pledge into how many laps Miss Terra will complete! Ride on for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital!
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New School Logo Shirts For The Teaching Team.

We love our new School Logo Shirts Designed by Miss Terra and Miss Michelle.

Checking In and Out Everyday!

Our daily counts keep our students safe everyday on campus. We require all parents to sign your child in and out everyday on the computer. Teachers use this to confirm daily attendance. When checking in your child please be sure to enter your code and click "ok" on the first screen and then again on the next screen. If you do not click ok twice your child does not get checked in for the day. All Parents of School readiness and Pre-Kindergarten must also sign with complete name the attendance on the clipboard.

Codes to our front door are only assigned to parents and legal guardians. All guests, grandparents or other family members must ring the doorbell to enter the campus. The teaching team will gladly let them in through our intercom and door security system. Please do not under any circumstances give your assigned code to another family member. Always instruct your family to ring the doorbell for access.

TerraNichol Academy Peace Flag

Peace begins with you! Families are encouraged to celebrate International Peace Month by creating a peace flag with your child. Discuss what peace means to you and your family and create a flag that represents your family and peace. Peace flags should be triangle shaped (similar to a section of a banner) and 12 inches in length and 10 inch width across the top in size and will be sewn together to make a banner. Some great and reusable ideas for peace flag fabric are old jeans, pillowcases, curtains, or any other fabric remnants that you may have at home such as burlap, flannel etc. Students can use fabric paint, markers or fabric appliques to add to their peace flag. Please refrain from buttons, heavy beads or gems or any plastic materials. Please turn in your Peace flag on September 30th.
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Thank you for our Wish list Items from Amazon.

Thank you to The Vogt Family for adding the poles needed to hang our new sail over the hammocks for more shade.

Thank you to Miss Tricia our Intern and Mommy of Aria for our new musical instruments and yoga book.

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Staying in the Know!

The administrative team works diligently to keep parents informed. Please be sure to read, save, and reread all information sent through email and Smore. These are your lifelines to staying in the know at TerraNichol!

Weekly blogs are sent out each week through Smore and posted on Social Media. Be sure to open in your Smore email and respond to RSVP's, or to other requested information as it occurs.

Don't forget Open House is September 21st. RSVP through Smore Invite!!!

Supplies and Activities Form Due On September 11th.

Reminder for our Diaper Friends

Diapering supplies for October can be brought in for the month! Please be sure to follow the guidelines for diapers, wipes and gloves! Refer to your parent handbook if needed:)