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Week of August 17-21, 2020 - Volume 11

Welcome Back MACS Families!

MACS Families, we want to support your child and family during this period of remote learning and during the summer season. Summer allows for multiple learning experiences that can happen inside and outside of the home. Check out the resources in this newsletter to help your child and family continue learning each week.

Please know that your families are a part of our MACS family and we miss you all. We are here to support in any way possible and we want to say THANK YOU for supporting your child during this unprecedented time. Together we will all come out stronger on the other side of this event.

This newsletter will continue to be published weekly for all MACS Families. You can find this resource on our MACS website, Twitter (@MACSchools) and Facebook.

We have also developed an ongoing Learning Support for Families Google doc, which is published on our MACS website as well.

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Celebrating Summer Enrichment Experiences (SEE)

July 13-30, Mount Airy City Schools offered 3 weeks of summer enrichment experiences (SEE) for students.

This opportunity offered our students the opportunity to return to school for hands-on learning, socialization and lots of FuN TiMeS!!!

Students engaged in some of the following camps: Ukulele, Design Challenge, Cupcake Entrepreneurship, Gardening and Outer Space, just to name a few. They had a blast and stayed safe with our safety protocols in place! Check out the pictures of our students below.

Resources from Imagine Learning

Parents and families: This year we will continue our district access to Imagine Learning Resources for students.

Our district provides the following resources within the online Imagine Learning platform:

  • Kindergarten through 5th grade- All students have access to Imagine Math and Imagine Language and Literacy, as well as Imagine Math Facts for fluency
  • 6th-8th grade- All students have access to Imagine Math

STEAM Thinking

Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math, better known as STEAM!

Did you know that you have so many opportunities for STEAM learning in your own home. Check out some of the links below to help your family engage in STEAM learning experiences this summer from home.

Activities To Support Your Family's Social and Emotional Learning