Trail of Courage


The Freedom Riders

The Freedom Riders were exactly what their name was, They wanted freedom to ride the bus safely. A group of people from C.O.R.E. boarded buses in 1961 and rode across the South to highlight the problem of bus segregation. People in the South did not always respond kindly. The Freedom Riders were beaten but they still responded with no violence whatsoever. They knew violence wasn't the answer which made them so brave.

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Violence is not the answer

The terrible things are coming up next. Ku Klux Klan (aka kkk) cut open there tires, beat people. Then they broke the windows and threw fire bombs inside.... just because they were standing up for integration.

By: Zion Long and Sa'Rya Parker

We are two fifth graders fulfilling our dreams.. writing stories for other people to read and enjoy.

- Sa'Rya Parker and Zion Long