Final PHS Staff Update (for 2014)

December 19, 2014

You Did It!

It's Friday morning, just one final to go! Well done everyone! Enjoy the two weeks or so of Rest, Recuperation and Joy!

Please read below for some January reminders. I will resend a similar update in early January...Be safe and happy!


Don't forget the CAHSEE exam will be given to all grade 10 students on Tuesday, Feb 3 and Wednesday, Feb 4. It is a late start for other students.

Please include CAHSEE prep in lesson plans for 10th grade students as you move through January...

Career State Pathways Grant

Some of you have been asking for more details on the Northern California Career Pathway Alliance (NCCPA), also known as the Career State Pathways grant. Please click on the link below for talking points from Stephen Jackson at SCOE who is overseeing the grant. We will be discussing this in more detail in January and beyond..

Wednesdays in the Spring!

A number of staff have mused about Wednesday PD for many years. When I was a teacher at Casa, we would complains that things were too far apart. We did something one Wednesday and then picked it up again five or six weeks later when we had forgotten what we started. So, a proposal:

January 7th - Open Collaboration general planning meeting

January 14th - Department Wednesday

January 21st, 28th, February 4th, February 18, February 25 - Open Collab Focus Set #1

February 11 - Department Meeting

March 4 - Report Out

March 11 - Department Meeting

March 18, April 1, April 15, April 22, April 29th - Open Collab Focus Set #2

April 8 - Department Meeting

May 6th - Report Out

May 13 - Department Meeting

May 20th - 2015-16 Focus

May 27th - 2015-16 Focus - Wrap Up

During each of the two Open Collab "sets" of time, we propose we look more closely at a problem or challenge we face in teaching students. These might include grading, homework, curricular planning, collaboration practice, peer observation and feedback. Our hope is that the conversations and work is centered on the classroom and what happens there. For homework, please reflect on elements you think we should focus on; you might also consider with whom you would work. Think about ways to collaborate with those who don't normally connect; think outside the department, or inside the department. Bring at least one idea to the meeting on January 7th.

We do have to say that there may be interruptions to this proposed schedule. We have SBAC testing, we will continue PLN work in some fashion, and there are always other unanticipated things that arise. Nevertheless, we hope to run these as sequences (sets) of time to focus, concentrate, solve and move on.

A Glance at January

January 5th - Teacher Work Day

January 6th - District Staff Development @Casa Grande 8:30AM

January 8th - PSAT Scoreback Night

January 12th - Project Grad @ Lagunitas

January 13th - K12 Curriculum/Staff Development

January 13th- PAC

January 15th - Site Council

January 16th - Club Rush - Food Day

January 19th - MLK Jr Day - NO SCHOOL

January 22d - 8th Grade Student Parent Evening

January 24th - Winter Dance

January 26th - Staff Meeting

January 28th - Blood Drive