Drew Brees

Football Player and Influential Person

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Drew Brees Biography

Drew Brees was born on January 15, 1979, in Austin, Texas, Andrew Christopher Brees, better known as Drew Brees, has grown up in the football lifestyle. His maternal grandfather, Ray Akins, is one of the all-time great coaches in Texas high school football history, while his uncle, Marty Akins, was an All-Southwest Conference quarterback in 1975.

In high school at Westlake High School Drew's quarterback career started to flourish. After he was accepted into Purdue University he led his team all the way to the Big Ten Championship and a Rose Gold appearance. "Drew was later drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 2001, then signed with the New Orleans Saints in 2006 and also led them to a victory in the 2006 Super Bowl XLIV." (“Drew’s Bio”)

Brees has also made valuable contributions to the New Orleans community and elsewhere. Shortly after arriving in the city, he and his wife, Brittany, founded The Brees Dream Foundation, whose goal is to fight cancer, help children in need and his new program to help Veterans and their families. Since its establishment, the nonprofit foundation has raised more than $22 million for its work.

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Drew Brees NFL Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP1m8hH-QsI

Drew Brees started off his football career at a young age and started achieving titles and awards in high school. As a senior in 1996 Drew led his football team to a perfect 16-0 record and the 5A Offensive player of the year honor award. After high school Drew went to Purdue University and led his college team to a Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl appearance during the 2000 season. Drew also won the Maxwell Award as the nation’s top collegiate player as well as being named Academic All-American Player of the year. After college Drew signed to the New Orleans Saints in 2006. Drew was elected to nine Pro Bowls while being named 2004 Comeback Player of the year, 2006 All-pro team, 2006 Walter Payton NFL Man of the year, 2008 and 2011 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and Super Bowl XLIV Champion and MVP.

Impact on Sport

Drew Brees had such a huge impact on every sports team he played in from high school all the way up until the NFL. He started by leading his high school team to a 16-0 season along with winning a Super Bowl for the New Orleans Saints in 2009. Drew led his high school team, college team, and NFL team to many achievements that really impacted every single player's season positively. He is overall a great athlete that has helped many other younger athletes and players.

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Impact Outside of Sport

The Early Start Up Stages of Brees Dream Foundation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2VWHFUo1b8

Drew Brees started up the Brees Dream Foundation which is to help fund programs such as the Dreams For Veterans which is the most recent addition to the foundation and has helped serve and honor more than 200 terminally ill veterans in 2016. They have helped over 600 veterans total granting them each a wish no matter what it is. "The foundation goes a step further and has the Dream Toy Program in which Hasbro and TY inc help donate toys to the foundation so that they can give toys to Veterans children that have lost or are losing a parent that has served as a Veteran." (Puzder). Each year thousands of kids receive wrapped toys to their homes reminding them that there are people out there who are thinking about them and care about what they are going through. The Brees Dream Foundation has also help fund many organizations such as the Joe Brown Park Improvements. He donated $22 million to the park to help rebuild their fields to get families and the community more involved in outdoor activities and a healthier lifestyle. His foundation has impacted and helped many people and families in so many ways that have really changed people's lives for the better.

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