Come to Minnesota!

Where we guarantee happiness!


Come join the fastest growing place is in the U.S.! Minnesota is often called the New England of the West because of our strong feelings about democracy, religion, culture, and education. We have so many people coming to our state, our land is running out quickly. So get here fast! Minnesota is a truly beautiful place with lots of friendly and welcoming people.


Steamboats make stops in St.Paul regularly and have been since 1847! It's so easy to get here, arrive by steamboat, oxcart, train, canoe, or horse-drawn stage coach. You can even walk if you'd like! Arriving in winter can be rough so make sure to bring your heavy coat and winter boots! Once you get here you can enjoy our dry and healthy climate! Even if you are not coming to stay, Minnesota is a great stopping place on your way further west!


Bring your whole family, new schools opening all the time throughout the state! These schools are run by very well-educated women brought in from the east coast! There is tons of land open for public schools and universities to be built.