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The purpose of the Chokers Who Rock monthly newsletter is to share the stories of students on campus who exemplify the spirit of the GHC vision to be a catalyst for positive change. We will feature up to five students a month throughout the academic year. If you would like to nominate a Choker who rocks, please email Jason Hoseney, vice president for student services, at Students, staff, and faculty may make nominations. A selection committee will decide on each month's feature students.

Hannah Bennett

Circumstances that almost certainly would break most young people have seemed to only make Hannah Bennett more determined to succeed. Growing up in poverty, including several years of homelessness throughout elementary and middle school, Hannah developed a level of resiliency only achieved by those willing and able to meet extreme barriers with even greater strength.

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Phil Slep

After spending nearly 30 years working in the happiest place on earth Phil Slep knows a happy place when he sees it.

“Grays Harbor College reminds me of entering my grandmother’s house,” said Phil. "This campus is just full of loving people who are warm, open, concerned for my well-being, optimistic, and personable.”

Life has taken Phil all over the world but at age 71 he feels he is just getting started.

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Shalila Jackson

Less than two years ago, Shalila Jackson closed her eyes and pointed to a place on the map of the United States. She had decided wherever her finger landed was where she and her family would start their life over. Her finger landed on Grays Harbor County, a mere 3,000 miles away from North Carolina. Soon after letting chance determine her destiny, Shalila packed up her five children, then ranging in ages from 16 down to 4, and moved across the country.

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Forrest Gonzalez

Forrest Gonzalez was supposed to be at the University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa, instead he is the Student Government President at Grays Harbor College. Forrest went from a star athlete with an athletic scholarship to wearing a back brace for 18 months and needing assistance to walk.

“A little back trouble turned me from a Spartan to a Choker,” said Forrest with a smile. 'A little back trouble’ was in fact multiple Pars fractures which eventually limited Forrest from even walking for several weeks before finally being properly diagnosed.

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