Walker First Day of School IS...

Monday, August 31, 2020

Click the button for your grade and teacher below on the first day of school.

Online Schedules

Schedules - Your child's schedule will be very important. Please follow your child's schedule for the A.M. and P.M. sessions.

A.M. - 7:50-10:20
Break - 10:20-12:20

P.M. - 12:20-2:50

Your child will log into school at least two times every day and we will collect attendance at both sessions. The daily activities may include direct instruction from a teacher, group work, individual and small group work, independent practice, and teacher-assigned activities. Your child may meet with several different teachers throughout the course of the day, including PE, Art, Steam, Speech, Social Work, or other instructors.

The most intense part of their day will be the Teacher Directed time.

So, if your schedule says AM Teacher Directed, 7:50-10:20 will be the majority of your child's reading and math work with their classroom teacher. Their P.M. from 12:20-2:50, will be spent with special teachers, other related service staff and/or they will be assigned to independent projects, assignments, or to login to a computer program to practice specific skills.

If your schedule says PM Teacher Directed then the majority of your child's time with their classroom teacher will be in the afternoon and the specials and independent practice will be in the morning.

We will have multiple teachers in each Zoom session on the first day so as to help the students getting onto the computer and learning how to work in this new online format.

If you are unable to connect to school Friday for Open house times or on Monday for the first day of school, please call us at Walker Elementary 708-458-7150 so we can assist you. If you need internet service help, if you need a wifi hotspot, or device assistance please contact our tech line at: parenthelpline@sd104.us.