containment of communism

by: Ashley bautista

Korean War

1950-1993 were the years of the Koran conflict this confict happend because of communism china had an infulance on Korea and after WWII and convenience some leaders about communism and so there Korea the victim to fall into communism and united states did not like that and so there goes united sates into Korea to help them not to become communism but some people wanted to be communist so at the 38 latitude and from there there was back and forth fighting until they both signed a peace treaty to stop war

Vietnam War

Vietnam war first stated when Vietnam beat out the japan from there country and from there french saw there optunity to take over Vietnam and they did not like that so united sates kicked in again to help but not that much because united sates made a deal with Vietnam communist leader Ho Chi Minh that the north would be communist and the south would not just like in Korea but HO CHI MINH did not like that but after a while he learned that he had no choice but to accept the part that he got

The long march

chiang kai shek is his men (700,000) kicked out Mao Zedong from china and Mao only had 100,000 men they had to walk 6,000 miles north/south to escape and he lost about 93,000 men but he gained support from many peasant farmers he met across china the farmers help him lead china to be communist after WWII
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The great leap forward

Mao Zedong wanted china to become a powerful countries to do that china needed more factories/ goods& services so Mao had a brilliant plan well attest he thought by getting farmers into the factories it would help and he got farmers in his factories but with china's large population and few farmers many people died because of starvation and drought and then people began to question his leadership
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the cultural revolution

after people started to question his leadership to secure his leadership he banned all self- expression so people wont get any bad ideas and kick him out of the government and so his wife madame Mao lead the cultural revolution they only focused on the ansistery of communism only and if you mocked the government you would get punished or killed any form of art had to be to worship Mao or any communist values Mao & his wife and the government were brain washing there people Mao also recruited high school students to form the red army
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Tienanmen square

Tienanmen square is were many people gathered to protest about communism and Mao didn't like that he thought that those people were a threat to his leadership so he sent troops to Tienanmen square and fro months the solderers did not do anything until one day when things got ugly and from then Mao lead a war in his on country as for the people that died the world shall never know how many people died that day many think thouson and others even more but Mao made sure that people did not know about this because he banned every thing on the internet that was about what happened tienanmen

My opinion

I think that containment of communism did not work because there are still 5 countries that are still communist and that in our attempt to stop communism we spreed it a little bit and we made a deal that north Korea and north Vietnam were going to be communist .. and in my opinion containment of communism did not work
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