Coding 3

MP4 Week 1

Using Conditions & Processing

Space Odyssey! Sharing our programs!

Watch the Virtual Lesson Recordings if you missed chat!
  • There is no Question of the Week
Programming the string!
  • Condition: If touching astro-cat, then hide
Program your own ending!
  • Processing: using graphics to switch costumes
Next up: Sharing our programs!

  • Post in the class studio
  • Add your program to our class studio in Scratch
  • Add an alternate ending to Danny's program in Scratch

Next Week: Send Me Your URL!

Virtual Lesson Recording: 3/29

Conditional: Programming the String!

Virtual Lesson Recording: 4/5

Processing: Programming the Monolith!

New to the course?

  • You do not need to complete this mission! I will be sending you a course information with a different mission to get started programming using Scratch!

See you in cyberspace!