Kecoughtan Orchestra Concert

December 1, 2015

Exploring Music Concert

I chose to attend Kecoughtan High School's orchestra concert. I choose to attend this event because I know some people that are in the orchestra and it is back home. The concert was held at Kecoughtan High School in Virginia. I found out about the concert through some friends. I decided to go home for the weekend and left early in order to attend it. There were no tickets required for the event, it was free admission. There were no programs at the concert; however, I was able to take pictures.

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 7pm

522 Woodland Road

Hampton, VA

The Program

The Orchestra played three songs. The songs were:

  • Symphony No. 25 in G minor: This song was written by Mozart in the 1770s. The song has wide-leap melodic lines. It is abrupt with strong tones and notes
  • Mozart's Serenade No. 9: Flutes and the oboes are prominent. The tempo is upbeat and light.
  • Chabrier's Joyeuse Marche: Is a very uplifting song with a light, flowing tempo. The song cresecendos periodically.

Symphony No. 25 in G Minor

Mozart wrote this song in 1773 after returning from a trip to Italy with his father. Mozart had produced two symphonies when he returned home within a week. Besides this symphony, Mozart only composed one other symphony in the G minor, the Symphony No. 40 in the G minor. He was only 17 years old when he composed this symphony. It is believed that it was completed in Salzburg on October 5th. The characteristics of the symphony are syncopation and wide-leap melodic lines. The song is also similar to the Sturm and Drang style. This style translates to the storm and drive style. The piece was first performed in the United States. It was performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra in October, 1899. The piece was not performed in the United States again until 1937. This time it was performed by Alfred Wallenstein Sinfonietta. The next time it was performed in the United States was in 1941. This time it was performed by the New York Philharmonic and John Barbirolli.

Kecoughtan High School Orchestra

The Kecoughtan High School band is known for it's marching band, symphonic band, and concert band. It is an honor band. The band was started fifty-one years ago when the school was made. The band has stayed strong. Over the years there have been many band directors. The current band director began as the assistant band director and was promoted. The orchestra concert was performed by the symphonic band.