People who persevere in life

How perseverance has helped people get through adversities.

How is perseverance defined?

Perseverance is a feeling or special thing, used to get through adversities and problems. Perseverance also helps people succeed like Tom Monaghan, Leroy and Dartanyan, and Winston Churchill.

Carry On- Compare/Contrast

Dartanyan and Leroy are similar and different in many ways. They are wrestlers that have dreams and even though they have faced diferent adversities, Leroy and Dartanyan will always persevere. Leroy and Dartanyon are alike because they have faced challenges and both of them also have disabilities. Leroy and Dartanyon are wrestlers too. Dartanyan differs from Leroy because he didn’t have a good home. Dartanyan also differs from Leroy because he's blind. He can't read unless he is close to the text. Yet,Leroy lost his legs from a train accident. Leroy also wants to go to college whereas Dartanyan is training for the olympics. They have gotten help to pay for college or education and now they are both successful and happy.
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Fransisco Bucio- Cause and Effect

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That is Domino's logo.

Problem/Solution- Tom Monaghan, Rolling from Dough to Dough

Tom Monaghan has had a lot of problems while trying to make his pizza shop successful. He goes through a bad partnership till he decides he doesn't want the partnership anymore. He goes through debt and bankruptcy. His only solution to his problems was to keep working. Tom had a lot of ambition to make Domino’s the best. So he kept working. He spent 18 hours a day to try and get out of debt. Tom slept in his car to save money so he could pay off his debt. He even lost his company and had to work for it with a $200 salary, but his answer to this was to just keep making pizzas till he earned enough money to build Domino’s back up again. Tom Monaghan had a goal to make his pizza place, Domino's, the best that there is.

The Lady Jags- Description

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Chronological/Sequencing- Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was born on November 30,1874. He had a nanny and was sick a lot. His parents sent him to boarding school and he was the top of his class. In 1894, he became a cavalry officer. Winston was captured in 1899 and he was a prisoner of war for a month. Next Winston switched to the Liberal party and in 1908 he became the president of board and trade. In 1911, he became the First Lord Of Admiralty. In 1917 they invited him back to make him Minister of Munitions. Then in 1918, they also made him Secretary of State for war and air. In 1921, he was again titled as Secretary of State. Next he opposed the Prime Minister's plan of appeasement with Germany. He thought the Prime Minister's plan was inadequate. Then in 1939 he was again asked to be First Lord of Admiralty. Churchill was sick and had a stroke but he was resilient and went back to work. Lastly Winston Churchill had died in 1965 after falling into a coma.

What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today's world?

We learn to never give up, no matter the circumstances. To never let go of your dreams and wishes.Nothing is impossible and even if you have a disability or a setback, never let that stop you from achieving your goal.