Digital Day Smore

Alex Young


This is one of my most used apps on my phone. Its a social networking site that has pictures and videos. Its my favorite social network and many of my frineds us it. Its almost addicting. These are my favorite posts...

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iFunny is an app where people can create, post, comment on and like funny pictures. You just open the app and scroll through funny pictures. Every 10am and 6pm their is a "featured" section where 20 of the funniest pictures are featured for everyone to see. This app is addicting


Twitter is another very popular social networking site that I use. I dont use it as much as instagram but I do sometimes use it. Lately its been pretty boring.

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Netflix is one of my favorites. You can watch your favorite TV shows or movies for about $7 dollars a month. I use it all the time on my iPhone, Xbox 360, and my dads iPad. I usually watch TV shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and sometimes Star Trek the Next Generation for my nerdy side.

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Xbox 360

This is my Xbox 360. Ive this one for almost 4 years. I had and older white one but It was starting to fall apart. It came with a Kinect. Its a sensor that puts your motion in real life into the game. Ive had all the Xboxes that have came out and i plan to get the new one once I save some money.

Xbox games

These are my favorite Xbox games. Battlefield 3 and 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, and the Halo Series. Battlefield is a modern day shooter game. GTA5 is a free roam game that is just phenomonal and the Halo series is a future setting game about a super soldier named Master Chief.

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When it acually worked i used my computer alot. I played games, surfed the net and did homework. It doesnt work now. It wont start up. But now I have my senior laptop!

The control room

This is the control room for the Eary Bird. All the monitors and different cameras and tape machines. I sit in the middle and i direct the news. The director is the one that is in control and is responsable for getting the show on the air with as few errors as possible. its a very hard and stressful task.

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Computer Programming Class

My 5th period class is a computer proggraming class. In this class I learn how to code programs. It started off pretty easy but now its pretty difficult. I have coded many programs including a toy slot machine and soon ill be making a hangman game.