Among The Hidden

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Esther Lee

2nd period / 05-16-2016

Character - Luke

Luke was a hero of this book. He was a third child in Garner's family. It meant that he was outlawed because in Luke's world a family could not have more than two children. Therefore, Luke had to be hidden, and was not allowed to get out of his house. He didn't know why he had to be hidden, and accordingly he didn't know well about the world outside of his house. He was sick of being alone. However, after he met Jen he began a new life. He realized the truth of Population Law. The law was made due to the scarcity of food, and according to the law a third child in a family was outlawed. He wanted to change the third children's life. He read lots of books about Population Law, and came up with some ideas that might be the solutions of the scarcity of food. One of the idea was a rally against the government which might change the Population Law. Even though Luke knew the importance of the rally, he was so scared and didn't attend it. However, after he heard that all the third child who attended the rally were killed, he made a fake ID, changed his name, and started his new life in another family as a legal child. He was timid, scared, and not so brave at first. However, at the end of the story he seemed to have brave heart, prepared to do something that was very dangerous.

I liked this character because Luke was pure, bright, and brave! I hope him not being overwhelmed about what is going to happen in his later life.

Character - Jen

Jen was a side kick of this story, and she was another third child who lived next door of Luke. Jen was a Governor's daughter. Unlike Luke, her house was very rich, she knew really well about the Population Law, and she sometimes hung out with her family. Also she knew some other third children. Jen's mind was full filled with how to change the Population Law. She planned for the rally against the government, and gathered third children who would like to attend it. However, she was killed during the rally. Her mission failed. She didn't recognize that the rally was not realistic, and it is impossible. The earnest wish had been blocking her from seeing real situations. She was just brave, and didn't dare to do something that could bring her to death. I liked this character because Jen didn't give up what she wanted to achieve and she was not afraid of being in dangerous situation if she could achieve her goal. If I was Jen, I would never dare to do such things as Jen. I admire her.


Story Mountain

Exposition : Characters - There were Luke, Jen, Luke's family, and Jen's father.

Settings - There were Luke's house, and Jen's house.

Rising Action : A third child Luke met another third child Jen. Jen taught Luke about Population Law, the reason they had to be hidden. They made plans for the rally against government, but Luke refused to attend the rally.

Climax : Jen and other 40 third children not including Luke went to the rally and all of them was killed by government officers.

Falling Action : Luke was so curious about the result of the rally because he could not get any information. So he decided to sneak into Jen's house. In there, he met Jen's father and heard that all of the third child attended the rally including Jen was killed.

Resolution : Since Jen's father was a government officer, he had power to make a fake ID. So, Luke asked to Jen's father to make him a fake ID. After he got a fake ID, he left his house, and started a new life in another family as a legal child.

In the society in this book, there was a Population Law, a law that regulated a family's children to no more than two. Luke was an illegal third child, and he had to stay home. He wanted to get out of his house, and be free. He met Jen and got to know about the truth of Population Law. Luke and Jen tried really hard to come up with a solution to the scarcity of food, and Jen decided to have a rally. But Luke was so scared which resulted him not attending the rally. So Jen and other 40 third children went to the rally. During the rally all of them died, and Luke felt regretful about not being brave. After the rally, he made a fake ID, changed his name, and started a new life as a legal son of Lee's family with a hope that someday he can change the law.

Setting - Luke's house

Luke's house was one of the main setting of the story. Luke lived his whole life in his house, and the house kept him safe from Population Police. It also provided a place that Luke and other family members having trouble with keeping Luke hidden.

Setting - Jen's house

Jen's house provided a place that Luke and Jen met together and have fun times. Luke got to know about the Population Law, and why he should be hidden. Also they contacted with other third children, and made a plan for the rally even though Luke didn't attend it in her house. Jen's house also provided a chance for Luke to meet Jen's father and got a fake ID.


In this story there were several conflicts. Government vs. third children was a character vs. society conflict. Third children including Luke and Jen protested against the Population Law made by government. They read a lot about government and Population law, thought about many decisions they can come up with, and had a rally that could change government's mind. At the rally all of the 3rd child that attended were killed by government. However, Luke will not give up fighting continuously against the Government.

As an internal conflict (character vs. self) , there was Luke vs Luke's mind. There was a rally that some of the third children attended. Jen asked Luke to join the rally together, but Luke was hesitated because he was sure that his parents would not let him go to the rally. His parents didn't want him to even get out of the house. Inside his mind there were a mind that he wanted to attend the rally and join all the other third child, but on the other side he did not want to disobey his parents, and he wanted to be safe.


The theme of this book was being brave, not being terrified, and fighting for something that is improper. It was being shown by Luke and Jenny. Although Luke was afraid of attending the rally at first, both of them were brave, and had eager to change an improper thing.

After reading this book....

I liked this book because this book had many conflict which made me feel tense while I read this book. It had really great settings, and themes, and it showed problems of our society. Also I liked Jen's bravery which made me feel courageous. I did not like this book because this book's ending was not so good. It did not give enough explanation about Luke's new life. Overall, I really liked this book and I want to read next series of this book if I have a chance to do so. I highly recommend this book to my friends, because it has really good theme, and it shows problems of our society. It also will make the readers to look back about their life.