Design A Planet

By: Abby Kodidek

What Makes A Habitable Planet???

A habitable planet depends on many different characteristics, or variables. Some different variables are star type, orbit, planet mass, volcanoes, plate movement, liquid water, and producers. To make a successful planet, you have to have the right variables.

Combination For A Habitable Planet

One combination that worked for me is the following:

  • Star Type: Blue (Named Zeus)
  • Orbit: 75 AU
  • Planet Mass: 1 (mass of Earth)
  • Volcanoes: Yes
  • Plate Movement: Yes
  • Liquid Water: Yes
  • Producers: Yes

Tilt of the Axis

The tilt of the axis is another variable to take into consideration. To make my planet, I would make the tilt about 15 degrees because on my planet, I would want milder seasons. This would make summer a bit colder, and winter a bit warmer, making conditions that are perfect for me. Although, this would make ice a bit less common, so my planet may not have polar ice caps.


My planet would have 2 moons, both twice the mass and size of our moon. The moons would be not very far from each other, about 100,000 kilometers. The first moon, Calypso, would be about 350,000 kilometers from my planet, and the second moon, Hestia, would be about 450,000 kilometers from my planet. They would be orbiting at the same speed, so they would always be in line with each other, making higher high tides and lower low tides. Since the moons are in a straight line, only one is visible from Earth. Also, since the size of the moon is larger, there would be more sunlight reflected off of it, making it more visible at night to nocturnal predators and prey. The orbit of the moons would be around the equator, otherwise known as an equatorial orbit. This would make high tide and low tide highly concentrated at the equator. All in all, the moons wouldn't be too different from Earth.

Gravity And Mass

The gravity of my planet would be the same as Earth's because my planet has the same mass as Earth. This would make doing simple activities the same as on Earth.

Name Of My Planet

My planet would be named Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom, because she is my favorite god/goddess.
Try To Make Your Own!!

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Abby Kodidek

Abby is in 7th grade at North Middle School. She designed this planet after 23 attempts, and finally did it with a blue star. To visit Athena today, contact her through the informtion below.