Mobile Apps for the Classroom

edu 210


Remind is a safe classroom reminder tool. Remind allows teachers to send out reminders for assignments, homework and tests. Another feature lets teachers send feedback instantly. It is a good app for keeping parents and students informed with what is happening in the classroom.

All interactions are private, and messages are sent with no option to reply.

I would use this in K-12 classroom to send out reminders of homework, quizzes, readings that are due.


Quizlet is a flashcard and study tool. It allows you to study virtually anywhere. It is very good for all learning styles, there is games, flashcards, image and audio parts, perfect for all learning styles. And because it is a mobile phone app younger children get the thrill of using the phone and therefore get excited about studying. I have used quizlet myself and find it really helpful, especially when I do not have all of my notes with me and find myself in a situation where i can be taking advantage of the extra time.

For use in a K-12 classroom, with younger kids I would have supervised pair groups where they can take turns quizzing each other with the app, or working together to answer the flashcards. For older students, in a review class I would allow them to work individually or together and work with each other to get the answers.

My Math Flash Cards

My Math Flash Cards is an app used mostly for elementary students who need to improve on their math skills.

I would use this app for younger elementary students, with this app I would hope to bring some fun to math and turn it into a game. I believe that it would also be really helpful for those students that are really struggling with their basic math skills, so it would be a tool to use to help them improve their skills.


Duolingo is a free language app. Duolingo is set up in a way that is very easy to follow, you first say how often you would like to practice the new language. And from that they have subcategories, such as "Basic," Basic Phrases," and as you further yourself the difficulty level increases. Duolingo doesn't just focus on reading a different language it also tests you on how you speak and the spelling of words, and translating from your first language and back.

If I was to teach a language class I would use Duolingo as a type of quiz and have my students work through the steps quicker and have them test themselves on their own knowledge, and reinforce those basic grammar and speaking skills.

Socrative Student

Socrative Student app is a quick app that allows you to make quizzes with a variety of different questions, polls. It grades and gives feedback to students after every questions. Another interesting feature is that you can share your quizzes and polls with other teachers.

I would use this app in a classroom environment by using it as a normal quiz, or for a review session in class.