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Victoria Abila Pd. 7 & Adam Rahhal Pd. 5

Asylum by Victoria Abila

Dr.Seward’s insane asylum in Dracula is insightful to the novel’s setting in the Victorian Era. Asylums in the time period were known for poor treatment of patients. Anyone seen as different from standard behavior could be victims of unlawful admission to one of the mental illness institutions. Patients were often men and women seen as burdens to their family due to depression, anxiety, and infidelity. The process of being admitted to an insane asylum was blatantly corrupt because only the signature of two persuaded doctors were required. No medical or proper examination was necessary to become a patient at the asylums. Those unfortunate enough to find themselves in asylums were given inadequate nutrition and often left to sleep on bare floor. The immoral treatment of the patients included being caged or tied down at almost all hours. It is understandable how someone with minimal mental disorder could have completely lost their mind in one of the many asylums of the Victorian Era.
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American Horror Story Theme Full Length by Victor

A man's brain by Victoria Abila

Gender roles are prominent in the society of Dracula. Although Mina is regarded as intelligent enough to have a "man's brain", she is not as desirable as the more physically seductive character, Lucy. Multiple marriage proposals are given to Lucy, while Mina is married to the least masculine character and is said to be his subordinate. The men are the ones who figure out Dracula's true identity and the women are illustrated as naive victims. Most women in the novel are either portrayed as overly sexual or pure and innocent. Obedience and loyalty are also qualities possessed by Lucy and Mina. Overall, the men think for themselves more than the women are described to.
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John Harker By Adam Rahhal

In the world of Dracula, being passive can get you into a lot of trouble. It is really smart to say something if there is something wrong. Staying quiet, or assuming that everything is going to be fine, will only get you bitten by a vampire. John Harker, who just basically neglects all the weird hints he's given on his way to Castle Dracula. To add on, he even ignores Dracula's advice to stay in his own room in the castle, but falls asleep in a room where the three vampire women attempted to charge at him.

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Vampire Lucy By Adam Rahhal

The death of vampire Lucy had sexual imagery. It’s her former husband that kills her, shoving a stake through her body. She then becomes active in a manner suggesting a sexual point: writhing and twisting as blood foams out of her mouth. Only in the moment is she restored to the beauty she was in life. Dracula's attack on Mina is represented with imagery of sex, rape and betrayal. Her husband is unconscious on the very bed on which the act is taking place. Dracula is holding her in an awkward position and her face is forced 'down on his bosom'.

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Bram Stoker's Dracula (4/8) Movie CLIP - Lucy the Vampyr (1992) HD