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From the Office of Stephanie Hubbard:

IG Panthers,

We know that we won’t be returning to school this year, but we have hundreds of questions about what school will look like in the future. What will we be able to do for our graduates? What about prom? Will we be able to offer summer school? What will grades look like this semester? What happens next year? Will school start up in our buildings in the fall? Will we have to have 10 kids or less in a class? Will we be advised to wear masks at school? Will we need to be 6 feet apart? What can we do to improve distance learning should we need to do this again next year? Do we check everyone’s temperature at the door each day? How do we keep our students and staff safe and parents confident in our precautionary practices? What happens when a student is determined to have COVID-19 after attending school?

These questions and many others cycle through my brain. I know that I am not alone and that people are looking to me for some answers. The superintendents across the state have banned together and are asking for guidance from the Department of Public Instruction as well as the Department of Human Services. We are hearing that we are going to be asked to do more with less, but don’t know how much more or how much less.

With all of this uncertainty I am confident about several things. Iowa-Grant School District staff will continue to rise to whatever challenge we face. We will meet the students where they are at and take care of them socially, emotionally, and academically. We will follow the recommendations of DHS and DPI to ensure our students’ and staff's safety. We know that this too shall pass, and that together we will get through this challenging time in history.

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent, Iowa Grant School District

Office: 608-943-6311 ext 3018 Email:

School Lunch Hero Day!

The first Friday in May is School Lunch Hero Day. A special thanks to our cafeteria works and the additional individuals who have stepped up to help with our meal program to feed kids while we are safer at home.

Panther Pick-up (Free food for our kids and younger siblings)

“Thank You” to the Iowa-Grant kitchen support staff who made the start of the food service program successful. About 230 children have received breakfasts and lunches. I anticipate that number will increase. Click here to sign up for the program. Please contact Alisha Pelton ( or Danielle Hasburgh ( if you have any questions.

Due to Governor Tony Evers’ “Safer At Home” decree , starting Monday, April 13th, food service deliveries will take place only three days a week. The meal program will contain lunches and breakfasts for two days instead of one. We are asking parents to pick up the meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6:30-8:30.

The less contact we have, the safer it is for everyone. Thank you for your patience. The School District is doing what it can to help families during this time.

Let’s Hear it From the Board

This is a platform for School Board members to share some of the highlights from around the District. Here is what was submitted for the May edition:

  • Kristin Spurley: Thank you, Iowa-Grant community, for electing me to another term to the school board. I am excited to continue working alongside Renee, Don, Greg, Fred, Chad, and with our newest member, Jessica. I believe the varied voices and perspectives of each board member make the discussions and ultimate decisions strong for our students, schools and communities. It's also great seeing the public join us on Zoom board meetings. It's a great way for people to see the work we're doing in real time.


Please know that the Iowa Grant staff is doing it's best to keep our employees and any guests who may enter our building safe during this closure. Our food preparation teams all wear masks whether they are preparing, bagging, or delivering the food. They are also practicing social distancing and universal precautions with good handwashing.

Staff working in the building are also encouraged to wear masks. A person can have the coronavirus and be asymptomatic, a mask protects others from that person.

Staff also do a self screening before they come to work - do they have a temp? a cough? feeling achy? If they are not feeling well, they are asked to refrain from coming into the building that day and until they are feeling healthy again.

If you are planning to come to our school during this closure and over the next few months, please consider wearing a mask. It can be a medical mask, a homemade mask, a scarf, a neck gator, anything that will cover your mouth and nose. If you are not feeling well, we ask that you wait until you are feeling better.

If you have any Covid related questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Sharon Friederick RN BSN

School Nurse

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Here’s a shout out to the Speech-Language Pathologists and Educational Audiologist that serve the students at Iowa-Grant:

Dawn Merth-Johnson, M.A., CCC-SLP

Jennifer DuBois, M.S., SLP

Sidney Zander, M.S., CF-SLP

Jennifer Richardson, Au.D.

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Local Businesses Support Online Learning

The Iowa-Grant staff members and the Iowa-Grant community want to thank the students for their dedication to online learning. The students and parents have been challenged over the past month and we are incredibly proud of their hard work and perseverance. Local businesses want to recognize the hard work students are putting forth everyday. We are proud to support our local businesses in return. Additional monetary donations allowed us to purchase more items from these businesses as well, including dairy products in support of our local dairy industries. Each Friday, student’s names are put into the Recognizing Responsibility Reward Raffle. If their name is drawn, students can earn certificates to local businesses to acknowledge their great work ethic. We would like to thank these local businesses for their generous contributions, Allegiant Oil, Bollant Farms, Collision Specialists, Grab a Cone, J&T Concrete and Construction, Js Bar, Leix Farms, Mills Market, Rock Church Construction, Sheddys, The Hollow, The Friendly Place and Tower Junction.

Help Wanted

Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Assistant

The Iowa-Grant School District is currently seeking candidates for two (2) instructional assistants for the 4-year-old kindergarten program. These are 5 day per week positions working 7.25 hours per day with young students under the direction of the classroom teacher during the school year. Candidates must have a high school diploma, and preference will be given to those who have experience working with young children or have an associate degree in early childhood. The district is looking for persons with good written and verbal communication skills and have the ability to problem solve and multi-task. Successful candidates will have a warm and nurturing personality capable of caring for a large group of children alone in a professional and confidential manner.

Interested persons can apply at: A letter of introduction and a completed non-certified employee application found on the district website, will be required. The application site will be open until 4:00 PM, Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Food Service Supervisor

The Iowa-Grant School District is currently seeking candidates for Food Service Supervisor. This position requires working eight hours per day, 220 days from July 1st through June 30th every year. Candidates must have a two-year associate degree with academic concentration in food and nutrition, food service management, dietetics, food safety, nutrition education, or culinary arts and have two years of supervisory responsibility. Experience working in a school setting would be helpful. The supervisor’s duties include: purchase and maintain an inventory of all food, supplies and equipment; plan and supervise the preparation of menus using standardized recipes at two schools; and inspect school lunch facilities and operations to ensure that standards of diet, cleanliness, health and safety are being maintained; and review all bills and invoices for accuracy as well as all other paperwork required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Food and Nutrition Department related to food serving, preparation, safety and sanitation. The salary for this position will commensurate with experience.

Interested persons can apply at: A letter of introduction, resume, transcripts and letters of recommendation will be required. The application site will be open until 4:00 PM, Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Co-Curricular Vacancies

The Iowa-Grant School District is looking to fill the following Co-Curricular opportunities:

High School Head Girls Basketball Coach- Interested persons can apply at: A letter of introduction will be required. The application site will be open until 4:00 on Friday, May 15th.

Fall & Winter Cheerleader Advisor- Interested persons can apply at: A letter of introduction will be required. The application site will be open until 4:00 on Friday, May 15th.

Iowa-Grant School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or handicap.

Earth Day 2020

Many Iowa-Grant students recognized Earth Day this year and shared photos with us. The coolest part was that we had photo submissions from student in 4K all the way through 12h grade. Thank you IG for caring about our beautiful planet.

Iowa-Grant High School

Calling All Iowa-Grant Alumni & Former Staff

Hello to all Iowa-Grant Alumni (1960-2019) and former staff!! We are asking for your help in sending the IG Class of 2020 positive messages and well wishes for their upcoming graduation and their future. In this uncertain time due to the COVID pandemic, our IG Seniors did not get the end to their senior year that they would have hoped for, so we are challenging all of you to make it just a bit brighter. We want all IG alumni and former staff to send a message including your graduation year or years served, challenging your own high school classmates or fellow staff members to participate and let’s see how many responses we can get and which class has the most school spirit! Please send your messages to Alisha Pelton, IG High School Secretary, at by May 17th, 2020.

Safer at Home Learning

Senior Matthew Phillips is using Safer At Home to enjoy making home meals! Good Job Matthew!!

Mrs. Rolli's Spanish Class

Students in Mrs. Rolli's Spanish class practiced clothing vocabulary identification and reinforce the grammar rule of matching the gender/number of adjectives to the nouns they are describing.

Below are pictures of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place outfits. They had to dress a family member in a different article of clothing from each of their family members.

Panther Participate in Virtual Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble Festival is an event that many students in our music department look forward to each year. After our festival was cancelled, students were given the opportunity to prepare and submit their performance for a Virtual Solo Festival so they can still perform, get feedback from a judge, and receive a score and a medal. While it was very different from "the real thing," we saw students tackle a unique challenge and go above and beyond the requirements from other classes. Altogether, we had 5 IGEMS students and 4 IGHS students submit 14 different events. They are awaiting their feedback and scores now. Great job, Panthers!

2020 Iowa-Grant Greenhouse Sale will be ONLINE ONLY this year!

The 2020 Iowa-Grant Greenhouse Sale will be ONLINE ONLY this year. The availability of plants will be fulfilled in the order in which orders are received. First come, first serve. You will only be billed for plants received. We may contact you if we are only able to fulfill part of a plant variety order or if we have a question.

At the end of the form, you will select your pick-up day and time. When you arrive you will drive to the front of the high school and park. Please stay in your vehicle and an Iowa-Grant staff member will greet you and hand you your order. At that time we will let you know if we could not fulfill something you ordered and we will give you a final total. This year, we ask that you PAY BY CHECK to avoid the passing of cash to and from customers! Checks can be made out to IG FFA.

Click here to order:

Pictures and descriptions of all flowers, baskets, and veggies can be viewed here:

If you have any questions, please contact Lara Hammerly at or by phone at 608.943.6312 x 2021. Thank you for shopping local and supporting the Iowa-Grant FFA Chapter and Ag Department.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY: Monday, May 11 and Tuesday, May 12 the greenhouse will be open to public from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Only one customer will be allowed in the greenhouse at a time and items will be limited. After May 12, the Greenhouse will be closed for the season.

DISCLAIMER: The pictures included in this form are from a catalog. Please understand that the items you receive may not be “picture perfect” or look identical to the pictures you see here.

NOTE: Please remember that the Greenhouse is a classroom first. We cannot grow everything due to space and have limited supply, but we try to have a wide variety. This year we have over 10,000 plants in the greenhouse! Also, please be patient as we are expecting to have a high volume of online orders this year and this is new to everyone. THANK YOU! :)

Stay safe and healthy!

Senior Parade

We are so proud of our Class of 2020 seniors and what better way to show them than by visiting all of them. 46 signs were delivered to all of our seniors with a caravan of teachers and staff members. The signs were delivered with car horns honking, cow bells ringing and cheers to be heard for miles. We had a special playing of the school song by our own, Mrs. Gile at each house. We hope this moment is never forgotten for our seniors and that they know how special each and every one of them are! We tip our hats to you, Class of 2020!!

Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School

Mrs. Zajicek 's New Classroom Pet

Mrs. Zajicek held nominations to help name her new "At Home Classroom Pet." Without further ado we introduce you to Mr. Bear!
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Baby Chicks!

Iowa Grant may be learning from home these days, but that hasn't stopped Kindergarten from teaching one of their favorite lessons! Mrs. Leixs Family has been monitoring an incubator and chicken eggs since early April. The whole process takes about 21 days and very soon, we hope to hear some peep, peep, peeping from baby chicks!

-Team Kinder

First Grade Friends

First graders have been working hard during our school closure and have shown their teachers their amazing creativity during this time. Students have created robots that went along with our reading story, they are creating with Legos and other building materials, they are finding new ways to practice their spelling words, and much more. We are so proud of all the hard work they are putting into their learning. Keep it up first graders! We would also like to thank our student’s families for helping them learn and grow during this time. We miss you all! ~Mrs. Leibfried, Ms. Lynch & Mrs. Wasley

2nd Grade Friends

Our second graders are doing their best with schoolwork and being at home. They are using their creativity in what they are doing. Enjoy the pictures of some of the student's creative work and their time just being kids.

Third grade Pen Pal Farewell

Due to our school closure, the Third grade Pen Pal Farewell is canceled for May 29th. Thank you to all of the Pen Pals who have faithfully written to our 3rd graders this year! If you would like to be a Pen Pal again next year or for the very first time, please email your name and mailing address to If you would like to support this wonderful program, we are accepting donations of stamps or money to fund next year. Our Wax Museum was also canceled and we were planning to use some of the money from that to fund our Pen Pal Program.

Superior Coastal Climate Trip

Due to the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the pandemic, we are postponing the 6th grade Superior Coastal Climate Trip, which usually takes place in mid-June, and is an optional 3 day trip open to approximately 16 sixth graders. We do plan to offer it to this year’s 6th graders, later this summer or fall, or possibly next summer.
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Virtual Book Fair

Our school is hosting a Virtual Scholastic Book Fair from May 1-May 14, 2020. The Virtual Fair is a fantastic way to get books in the hands of your students now to keep them reading at home.

  • All purchases benefit our school and earn rewards

  • Shop Book Fair exclusives, best-sellers, skill-builders and more

  • Orders ship direct to home

  • Book-only orders over $25* receive FREE shipping

  • Over 6,000 items to choose from through the Scholastic Store Online

Visit our Book Fair Homepage and click “Shop Now” to get started:

Happy reading!

*Free Standard Shipping is available on book-only orders of $25 or more, after all discounts are applied. Free Standard Shipping (books) must be selected during Checkout. Orders containing products other than books are not eligible for this shipping promotion.

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