CSD News

Volume 1 Issue 2 | November 2020

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About CSD

Superintendent's Greetings & District Updates

Greetings, Cleveland School District Board of Trustees, Employees, Students, Families, and Community Members. I am Dr. Otha L. Belcher, Jr., and it is an honor to serves as Superintendent of Schools for the Cleveland School District.

The month of October has brought about many challenges as we continue to navigate unique challenges. I want to thank our school and department leaders for their hard work and dedication. They continue to plan, execute and lead their schools and departments with determination and a focus on student achievement. We also want to thank our teachers and support staff. You are making it happen every day for our children. As I visit schools, I have the opportunity to see great examples of instruction.

The month of October also provided a great opportunity to engage with different stakeholders in our community. We had the opportunity to meet with community leaders and parents through the superintendent's advisory council. Thank you to all participants for your invaluable support and information shared. I also want to thank all of our community members that engaged in our first community meeting of the school year. We had a great turnout and received beneficial feedback. We look forward to continued meetings with the community as we move forward as a district.

Thanks for your support of the Cleveland School District, where Learning is Essential for All.

School Updates

Bell Academy

The first thirty-three days of school at Bell Academy have been one for the books. Each week students are required to read books on their independent reading level in order to increase reading comprehension. They then complete an Accelerated Reading assessment on the books read. Thus far, Bell Academy students have read a total of 3,128 books, a total of 5,869,383words with a comprehension rate of 85.73 percent. We are excited about our students' progress! On October 22, we held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Bell Academy Sprouts Garden. Our mission is to provide rigorous learning opportunities that allow all students to learn, inspire, and grow every day. The initial planning for the garden began with one parent who wanted to plant seeds of healthy habits for not only her children. We felt the school garden would be a perfect addition to Bell Academy as our magnet school focus is Math, Science, and Health. We began with six raised beds and a partnership with Food Corps. We knew we wanted to plant more seeds and watch our students' love of gardening grow. We met with a representative from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Mississippi Foundation to learn more about grant opportunities for school gardens. We are fortunate to have been chosen as a grant recipient. Through much planning, collaborating, long hours, and volunteer assistance, we are now planting seeds and watching our little garden grow into a collaborative learning opportunity for faculty, staff, and students. Through grant funding, we now have seventeen raised beds, fruit trees, a greenhouse, and a fully operational outdoor classroom and kitchen. We were also able to fund Mrs. Krista Davis, our Food Corp service member, last year. The Bell Academy Booster Club has been supportive of the garden and funding our Food Corps Service Member this year. Our children and staff have had amazing opportunities we would not have had if it were not for many volunteers. With a full heart, we thank each parent, staff member, community member, student, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Mississippi Foundation, Food Corps, and all stakeholders who contributed to making our dream a reality. We are currently taking applications for the 2021-2022 school year. If you would like your child to be a part of our hands-on learning experiences, please contact Principal Tiffanie Russell.
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Bell Academy staff members were treated to lunch by parents Brittany Gill Johns and Jeri Kay Jones.
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Pink Out for Nurse Mandy

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As a component of the Blue across Blue Shield Garden Grant, We were able to incorporate a student lunch courtyard.

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Teacher of the Month

Elizabeth Stallworth, 6th Grade Math and Science

Staff Member of the Month

Datrick Adams, Custodian

Hayes Cooper Center

Hayes Cooper Center has a history of collaborating with community members like the Grammy Museum, Delta State, Delta Arts Alliance, and other local artists to provide rich and engaging art experiences with our students. Currently, we have five artists as part of the faculty.

Understanding the increased need to make art a normal part of the curriculum, we meet together each month to collaborate and plan experiences for the next month. Our halls are like an art museum, and the children are enjoying this renewed focus and commitment to art. Our Patriots are gaining pride simply by creating art.

Arts education forces the brain to make stronger neural connections. Art helps build intuition, reasoning, imagination, memory, and dexterity. Art is never an "extra," but something that is crucial to the development of learners. Margaret Meade once said, "If we are to achieve a richer culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place." Perhaps one of our young Patriots will find their niche in creating art.

H.M. Nailor Elementary

HM Nailor has had an awesome beginning to Harvest Season! We began the month with our beginning of the year data chats with teachers to review the beginning of the year data and to set goals for the Spring. Academics is key!

Moving through the month, our teachers have done a tremendous job of presenting to the staff during weekly PLC's on Tuesdays on the district's instructional focus - Feedback.

On October 2nd, we recognized and celebrated our two amazing custodians, Mr. Latham and Mr. McGee for Custodian Appreciation Day.

We hosted our first Virtual Fall Data on October 5th. On October 8th, we launched our first Virtual Parent, "How to" Training. Many parents participated in the events.

Our students have been soaring to excellence in Accelerated Reading! We have set weekly and end-of-the-year goals, and we are working hard to meet those goals.

We celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness on October 2 by wearing pink shirts and blue jeans.
We also celebrated Bullying Prevention by wearing orange shirts and blue jeans.

We culminated the month with Red Ribbon Spirit Week, a Pumpkin Decorating Contest, and Harvest Celebrations! We look forward to November.

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Parks Elementary

Academic Committee:

Quarterly Parent Night-We will have virtual Parent Night for this semester before Christmas break. More information will be sent directly to parents within the next few weeks.

Awards-We will have a virtual Awards Day for the 1st Semester in February.

Mentor program-Our Mentors have been working with their Mentees to get them acclimated to our school culture and processes.

School-Wide Data Wall-Increasing data-driven best practices are at the forefront of our plan for this school year. We are tracking school-wide data in the teachers' lounge to monitor grade-level growth throughout the year.

MTSS/RtI- Student Interventions have been implemented and monitored daily, weekly, and monthly to identify effectiveness. We are excited to report that we are seeing great growth in our students at this point.

Attendance-Teachers are passing out Blue Jean Passes to all students who have Perfect Attendance and good behavior each week to increase student attendance.

Behavior Committee:

PBIS-PBIS Expectations were shared to ensure everyone is consistent using Bear Bucks and Blue Jean Passes. The first store opening to use Bear Bucks occurred on October 30th. Students will have monthly opportunities to spend their hard-earned Bear Bucks.

School Safety-School Safety Drills have been scheduled and implemented. Fire Safety Week was celebrated with a virtual presentation from the Cleveland Fire Department.

School Wellness-Staff met with Shaw Medical Group Mobile clinic to be made aware of all that is offered here on campus. We will be setting up a Walking Club for our staff.

Community Committee:

PBIS-The first store opening to use Bear Bucks is scheduled for October 30th. Halloween parties took place with individually wrapped store-bought items.

Beautification: Mrs. Pummer and Mrs. Grimmett are working with teachers to display student art in the hallways and bulletin boards for November. The focus is “Being Thankful.”

PSTA: There will be no PSTA meetings on campus for the first semester due to our COVID protocol. All other on-campus extracurricular community activities are delayed for now as well. We are incorporating as many virtual opportunities as we can.

Staff Team Building-First team building is scheduled for Monday, October 26th, after school. We will continue to have team building activities each month.

Pearman Elementary

Greetings from Cowboy Country!

As we approach the end of the first Nine Weeks, everyone is finding their groove! Students are healthy, happy, and making great strides academically, socially, and culturally. October has been action-packed with the theme “Pearman Goes PINK!” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We have honored those who are warriors and survivors of breast cancer. The highlight of the month was our Stomp Out Cancer Balloon Release in honor of our very own Nurse Mandy Wilburn! Pearman worked in collaboration with the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department, Central Office Staff, and the school community to create a magical moment that Cowboy Country will never forget!


A special thanks to Mr. Kent Wilburn and the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department for helping make our balloon release an amazing experience!

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Assessment and Instruction

Standard Mastery biweekly assessments have begun and we are monitoring and adjusting according to our student needs. Teachers have taken the lead with individual goal setting with students and special incentives for those students who are not only proficient but also have shown growth. We want all students to know that progress is great and their hard work is appreciated.

BENCHMARK ASSESSMENTS WILL BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 9, 2020. Schedules will be posted and sent home with students.

Professional Development

A major shout out to our Department Chairs Ms. Carr and Ms. Shepherd! They have taken the lead and worked diligently to ensure that their departments are collaborating, planning, peer observing, and keep parents in the loop about curriculum and instruction. We are working hard and ensuring that student achievement is at its highest.

School Culture

It's election season in Cowboy Country! Our students are excited to serve and want to be a part of the transition to make Pearman the premiere elementary school in the Mississippi Delta. Candidates prepared speeches, posters, and campaigned for the week to make their presence known among the student body.

Elizabeth, Harmony, and Konnor strike a pose as they travel the campaign trail!

We also participated in National Unity Day to stop school bullying! Students wore orange and worked on activities in class to support the movement.

3rd and 6th Grade dressed in orange for National Bully Prevention Day.

Cowboy Country All-Stars: October's All-Star Teachers

Ms. Dazhia Davis-Carr is a Columbus, Georgia native who currently serves as the 4th grade ELA and Social Studies teacher and ELA Department Chair.

Ms. Crystal Shepherd is a Clarksdale, Mississippi native who currently serves as the 6th grade Math and Science teacher and Math Department Chair.

D. M. Smith Elementary

The faculty and staff at D. M. Smith Elementary are committed to doing what is needed to W.I.N. Even amid uncertain times, D. M. Smith has really begun to pick the momentum. Administrators have conducted training for parents, which has increased participation among virtual students. This increased participation has aided the completion of diagnostic assessments that will guide instruction throughout the year.

Physical Enhancements

Thanks to the Junior Auxiliary, D. M. Smith has new soccer goals and an outdoor volleyball net! These additions are aiding in the creation of a space for quality outdoor play and recreation that will promote physical activity among the great students at D. M. Smith.

Stakeholder Engagement

Deborah Pilgrim, Supervisor of AP, GL & INV of Quality Steel donated antibacterial wipes and sanitizer to members of the D. M. team. She is eager to assist in the accomplishment of many of our school goals.

Professional Development

The focus of weekly professional development is small group instruction. Teachers have been trained on tiered instruction, Tier II interventions, creating breakout sessions in Google, using data to drive grouping, and the purpose of small group instruction. This training will be ongoing throughout the year to enhance the quality of teaching students receive in their respective classes.

Morale Builder

The great staff at D. M. Smith showered the principal, Mrs. Barksdale, with love and gifts for Boss’s Day. Each team presented tokens of appreciation for the leadership and guidance offered by its administrator.

Cleveland Central Middle School

A school is comprised of teachers, students, parents, and support staff for the most part. All of these pieces must work together within our system to achieve the goal of social and academic growth for our students. Here at Cleveland Central Middle School, we gauge how all of these components are working together to reach our goals set out for this school year. With knowing the status of our students’ progress, the level of engagement of our parents, and the systems in place to provide a productive, orderly school, we have the information we need to “Advance the Pack.” This month is critical to our school's success. It is now time to make the changes needed to allow all stakeholders to work in unison for our students' success. We are focused, we are strategic, and we are ready for success on all levels.

Teaching and Learning

We have been monitoring our system for academic success by conducting focus observations to address the strengths and areas of needed improvement in our teachers and providing professional development sessions on our district focuses for this year, small group instruction, and feedback. We have been reviewing student academic data to determine what students need to meet their individual academic goals. Monitoring and addressing both of these components will help keep CCMS on track to meet its academic goals or this year.

We have initiated our WIN Time sessions. WIN stands for What I Need. This strategy was adopted from Principal Lamastus of Hayes Cooper Center and adapted to our instructional and assessment center at Cleveland Central Middle School. We have a WIN Time focus for each day of the week during a 20 minute period during the middle of the school day. Monday’s focus is math. Tuesday’s focus is Reading. Wednesday’s focus is science. Thursday’s focus Accelerated Reader and Friday is student choice of any of the other four focuses for the week. Each day students engage in differentiated activities according to their performance on assessments.

Sports and Activities

We have the spirit at Cleveland Central Middle School. Our sports teams are doing an excellent job. Coach Buford and the CCMS Wolves football team finished the season with a 5-0 record. This marks the first time the Cleveland Central Middle School team has had an undefeated season. We expect to see more to come with the commitment, dedication, structure, and organization that Coach Buford and his coaching staff provide to our student-athletes. The last football game marked a 26-0 defeat of T.L. Western Middle School of Greenville. This game had a championship feel with our cheerleaders performing for the first time this year.

On Monday, October 26, the CCMS Wolves began another bout for perfection. Our girls and boys basketball teams opened the season hosting Higgins Middle School of Clarksdale, MS. Our girls were successful in their season opener defeating Higgins 32-22. Our boys played a hard-fought exciting game with multiple lead changes but came up short losing 35-34. Tickets for our games are purchased on GoFan. Please visit the CCMS webpage to view the link and purchase tickets.

Although the CCM band is not in competition, they have been getting ready for when the opportunity presents itself. Our committed and talented Mr. Marcus Lewis leads the CCMS 8th grade band. In his sessions, he gives his students constant feedback and interventions to produce the desired sound of the Wolf Pack band. Students respond instantly and effectively to his guidance. We enjoy our middle school band. They are our pride and joy and we can’t wait to see them in action again.

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Clubs and Activities

Our journalism club is active, and their second edition was published Friday, October 30. Other clubs and organizations have begun to spring into action. We have held our student council elections and have solidified this group for the 2020-2021 school year. The student council will be heavily involved in creating PBIS activities for the student body and creating a more student-centered environment at Cleveland Central Middle School. Our next groups to activate will be the Technology Student Association (TSA) and Talk About the Problems (TAP).

Parent Engagement

We have an active PTSO. They plan to help advance the pack as they organize and gather information about the school's goals and needs. We appreciate our PTSO and their commitment to helping the faculty, staff, and students at CCMS. We also have another parent group at CCMS called “Pack Parent.” Pack Parents work closely with the CCMS leadership team to review strategic planning progress and help address problems at the middle school. Pack Parents also are key communicators for the school because they are at the ground level with the leadership reviewing data processes and system to help the middles school reach its goals for this year. Pack parents are parent representatives from the two 7th grade packs, face to face and virtual. We also have the same structure of parent representation for the two 8th grade packs. Our pack parents engaged in their first leadership team meeting on October 27, 2020, at 5:30 pm.

CCMS also engaged its virtual parents in a meeting to address the academic concerns of virtual students. This meeting was held on October 15, 2020. Parents addressed their concerns and misconceptions about virtual learning at CCMS. Parents also commended CCMS for the hard work and professional service given to the parents and students through virtual learning. Teachers expressed issues and actions that needed to take place in order to provide the students with the highest quality of education. The parents’ concerns and requests were documented with an online application called a Padlet. Parents also completed an evaluation of the meeting, and an individual needs request for their students. This meeting provides CCMS administration and teachers with the information needed to improve students' virtual learning experience at Cleveland Central Middle School.

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Faculty, Teachers, and Students of the Month for October

CCMS would like to honor the following students for being selected as students of the month.

Students of the month for pack 7A (Virtual): Talynn Banks, Christain Butler, and Kamiera Byrd.

Students of the month for Pack 7B (Face to Face): Jordan Hickman and Mirrah Redmond.

Students of the Month for pack 8A (Virtual): Taylor Hayes and Collin Sellers.

Students of the Month for pack 8B (Face to Face): Isabella Givens, Sarah Waldbieser, and Brayden Beamon.

Support staff for the Month of October is Ms. Pamela Foster, attendance clerk, and Teachers of the Month for October are Ms. Sarah Stevens and Mrs. Sherita Howard.

We are thankful for the character and performance of all of these individuals.

Cleveland Central High School

We are having a great month at CCHS!

We have completed Common Assessments in our State Tested Classes. Our teachers are working hard to analyze that data and make adjustments to help students achieve.

Our Theater Club held auditions for the Fall plan "Clue". Performances will be in January.

Our Volleyball team made the playoffs.

Our Swim Team had 6 qualify for the State Swim Meet and our Boys Team finished 5th in the State in Class I.

We are continuing to strive to not only be the best high school in the region but compete with the top high schools in MS.

Cleveland Career Development & Technology Center

Jackson and Delahoussey Named Mississippi Tech Master Scholars

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Kelsey Jackson and John Nick Delahoussey students at The Cleveland Career Development and Technology Center still managed to become Mississippi Tech Master Scholars. Some of the criteria that the students had to meet were to have at least a 2.5 GPA, 4 Career and Technical Education Credits within the same program, 95% attendance throughout grades 9-12, no discipline, and at least 40 hours of community service. Both students excelled in the classroom and in both local and state competitions in their respective student organizations of Skills USA and HOSA and the National Technical Honor Society.

“We are so proud of Kelsey and Nick. They truly exemplify how students can take the CTE Pathway to their chosen career field,” said Monica Mitchell, Director of the Cleveland Career Development and Technology Center.

Kelsey is the daughter of Rosaland Richardson and Tracy Jackson and is attending Hind Community College and majoring in Forensic Sciences. Nick is the son of Tony and Kristin Delahoussey and is attending Mississippi Delta Community College and majoring in Nursing.

Law and Public Safety

Students in Law and Public Safety have taken part in several events related to Career Expectations and Job Orientation.

On October 6, 2020 Year II students worked in the communication center, this is a part of FEMA learning how to operate an incident command center.

Picture below Sherrie Hopkins, Keyanna Robinson, Keunite Rice, and Johnterrius Baskins

logging information learning the importance of documentation as it relates to communication during an incident.

Coach Larry Calhoun of Move to Learn provided students with a motivational speech and virtual break brain activity on October 16, 2020. This was a great activity for fitness as it relates to maintaining physical and mental health while working public safety.

Students took part in learning basic CPR and life saving skills from the health science program.

Rhett Nelson, Director of EMT Program at Coahoma Community College served as a guest speaker. Mr. Nelson informed students of the process to enroll into the EMT program at CCC, spoke of the salary of EMT workers, and provided a virtual tour of the ambulance. Cleveland CTE Center students can start as early as January 2021 if they are Seniors, 16 on ACT, or TABE, and 18 years old.


Students at the CCDTC are learning career skills, but those eligible students recently registered to vote during National Voter Registration Day. Though all could not be registered, all students had the opportunity to become acquainted or reacquainted with how voting affects our country’s laws. Students also got a chance to look at a voter registration form and decide to take them home to parents and other family members that may not be registered to vote. Student Services Coordinator, Mrs. Jackson, took the forms to the Bolivar County Circuit Clerk’s office to be processed immediately so that students like Johnterrius Baskin, Lamontre Jones, Tamerick Ward, and Shawn Freeman will be able to vote for the very first time on November 3rd.

Engineering I & II

Students in the Engineering I & II class has recently worked on many new things. Engineering I & II students have completed the safety Unit by creating scenarios in which safety is involved in the Field of Engineering. Students are becoming more aware of safety precautions that are in place in the Engineering Workplace. This past week students have been reviewing the second part of our unit, which involves Ethics in the workplace. Engineering I students have been able to identify unethical behavior they may have witnessed and apply it to what not to in the workplace. In Engineering II, students have become more hands-on with learning Computer Aid Design “CAD.” Students can identify CAD terminology and apply it to reading CAD designs. In the upcoming weeks, along with the Engineering II students, we will begin discussing the “Engineering Design Process.” During this process, I will introduce students to “Arduino,” including its design process and the Arduino coding feature before we begin labs in the upcoming weeks. The following photos are from the safety unit in which students were asked to either interpret a job safety rule or create a safety rap or poem.

Group 1 decided to do a rap/poem about safety in the workplace. Students pictured: Larry Duvall, Phil Weatherspoon, & Tyler Townsend (left to right)

Group 2 decided to act out their Job/Ethic rule, acting as a “worker unplugging his office computer to avoid working on designs.” Students pictured: Erick Terry, Abdoul Sow, & Konner Dill (left to right)

Health Sciences

Health Science has had a busy month this October. Yaacelyn Luckett, second-year Healthcare and Clinical Services is being celebrated as the Future World Changer for September. We are also celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mental Illness Awareness Week October 4-10th, and Health Education Week October 18-24.

Pictured below from left to right: Rae McIntosh, Marcus Lewis, Myesha Cleveland, and Abby Hamilton.

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We collaborated with Early Childhood and Law and Public Safety to learn how to perform CPR, and some students were American Heart Association CPR and AED certified. Pictured is Rae McIntosh, a first-year Health Science Student.

We joined Coach Calhoun in Move to Learn Mississippi on Friday, October 16, 2020. Pictured from left to right: Jamyla Hicks, Khyla Walker, Demyia Wilson, and Tatiana Hamilton.

Healthcare and Clinical Services, Law and Public Safety, and Early Childhood are partnering with Laura Jane Giaccaglia and Mississippi State Extension in the Junior Master Wellness Program. We plan to start our first community service project of the year by having a water challenge for the CCDTC students for November. The students will be encouraged to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily and track their water intake.

We learned how to perform breast self-exams on our model. It was interesting to feel the tumor and the fibrocystic replica in the model.

There is so much more we are about to learn this year. Even though we have virtual and face to face students, we can enjoy hands-on experiences and virtual guest speakers.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Automotive, Welding, & Construction Shops

Friday, October 16, 2020

10:30 AM

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Greetings from the Walter Robinson Achievement Center. November is an exciting month with report cards going out, and, of course, everyone looks forward to the Thanksgiving holidays. The WRAC continues to stay busy, however. Our focus remains to reduce recidivism, increase academic skills, and promote positive behavior through Character Education.

The WRAC is maintaining an active PBIS program to offer incentives to students. As part of this program, we are happy to announce that Markevious Thomas is our student of the month for September. Also, Mrs. Cain is our Teacher of the Month. She will receive a certificate and a $20 Walmart Gift Card.

We held our first virtual Advisory Council Meeting on October 8th, and we are looking forward to receiving feedback from this council, which will meet each month.

The WRAC received a $200 gift from the Mt. Olive M.B. Church in October. We want to express our deepest appreciation for their concern and support for what we are trying to accomplish.

Until next month. We will continue to encourage our students to strive for progress...not perfection. Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact us at 846-6478 or email Arthur Johnson, the Director of Alternative Education, at ajohnson@cleveland.k12.ms.us for questions about our program.

Officer Micou, School Resource Officer, talks to students about positive police relationships with the community.

Mr. Johnson is presented with a $200 gift from Mt. Olive M.B. church from Mrs. Montresia Cain.

Markevious Thomas, the Walter C. Robinson Achievement Center Student of the Month.

Achievement Center Director Arthur Johnson presents Mrs. Montresia Cain, the Walter C. Robinson Achievement Center Teacher of the Month with a certificate and Walmart gift card.

Department Updates


We are excited about all of our seasons so far!

The Volleyball season is over but they had a really good year and made the playoffs.

The Middle School football season is over as well and we want to give a big congratulations to them for the undefeated season.

Varsity Football has been improving every week and they are only 1 win away from making the playoffs for the first time since the 2017 season.

The Cross Country and Swimming seasons are now underway.

  • Cross Country is getting ready for the regional meet on 10/22 and the state meet on 10/31.
  • Congratulations to the swim team, they have 6 qualifiers for the upcoming state meet on 10/23 and 10/24.

Upcoming Events for November:


  • Nov. 3 at Grenada 4 pm JV / V
  • Nov. 10 vs Gentry 6 pm JV / V
  • Nov. 12 at Greenwood 6 pm V
  • Nov. 17 at Vicksburg 4 pm JV / V
  • Nov. 19 vs Clarksdale 6 pm V
  • Nov. 20 vs Northside 5 pm JVB / V
  • Nov. 23-24 Oxford Classic TBA
  • Nov. 28 at McEvans 5 pm JVB / V


  • Nov. 7 at Columbus 1 pm G / 3 pm B
  • Nov. 10 vs Grenada 5:30 pm G / 7 pm B
  • Nov. 11 at Coahoma Co. 3:30 pm G
  • Nov. 14 at South Panola 11 am G / 1 pm B
  • Nov. 17 at Strayhorn 5 pm G / 6:30 pm B
  • Nov. 19 vs Vicksburg 5 pm G / 7 pm B

Good luck to all of our teams and athletes!



The business department is working daily to process vendor-related payments, as well as payroll to internal employees. We are communicating closely with staff to ensure district policies and purchase laws are being followed. The business department's main goal is to operate in a manner of providing and conducting school business finances, according to all local, state, and federal laws. We are here to provide the utmost professional service to our employees, students, and communities.
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Child Nutrition

We appreciate our Child Nutrition staff and all that they do to serve our customers daily. The staff are packaging meals and transporting them to the classrooms. They are also ensuring we keep the dining areas and kitchen clean and sanitized in order to combat COVID-19. While the work is often long and tedious, they make it look easy. Thank you!

Thanksgiving Meal is scheduled for November 11, 2020. The menu will consist of Turkey and Cornbread Dressing, Green Beans, Yeast Roll, Strawberries with Whipped Cream, and Milk. Student meals are free and adults pay $3.75 for the full meal.

Curriculum & Instruction

The Mississippi Department of Education, released the K-12 Instructional Planning Guides (IPGs) in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.

The guides should be utilized to assist teachers in planning rigorous, coherent lessons that focus on critical content at each grade level through an intentional grouping of standards, time considerations, and resources for consideration.

Access the guides by clicking the links below

PETAL is a writing strategy that helps students arrange information in their writing. An extension of the RACE strategy (used to organize writing), PETAL not only breaks down what to write but how to construct the information in a manner that (a) accurately responds to the prompt (b) organizes the information for clarity and coherence.

The Cleveland Early Learning Collaborative distributed backpacks to students to support learning-at-home. ELC Coordinator, Patsy Clerk, along with teachers and staff, planned the event, which took place October 20-22. Backpacks contained instructional materials such as puzzles, flash cards, and writing materials. Kudos to the CELC on a job well done!

Family Engagement & Public Relations

October is Sudden Infant Death Awareness Syndrome (SIDS) Month. In partnership with Bolivar County Community Action network (CAN), we hosted our 5th Annual Bolivar County Community Baby Health Fair. Expecting moms, dads, and moms with infants (0-6 months of age) were able to hear from the following: Dr. Brevail, Pediatrician at Cleveland Children’s Clinic. Dr. Brevail provided information on the importance of Immunizations. Parents received information about lead poisoning in young children and the importance of positive male involvement. The event was held virtually this year.

The communications department continues to update the District’s webpage as needed. We share information via social media platforms and Apps to keep the Cleveland School District and all community stakeholders updated and informed on the district's latest happenings. As Public Relations Coordinator, I am working collaboratively with the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council. The goal of the council is to bridge the school administrators with community leaders to create the District’s Adopt-A-School Program.

Federal Programs

The following meetings were held during October:

  • ELL Tutoring Meeting October 1, 2020
  • MDE Comparability Training October 5, 2020
  • MDE Virtual Monitoring Training October 7, 2020
  • Federal Programs Virtual Monitoring Visit October 19-20, 2020
  • Nailor Touchpoint Meeting October 22, 2020
  • School Improvement Evidence-Based Part 2 Virtual Training October 23, 2020
  • School Improvement Coach Meeting (1003a) October 23, 2020
  • Homeless Meeting October 29-30, 2020
  • School Improvement Budget Meeting (1003g) October 26, 2020
  • Federal Programs FY21 Consolidated Application was approved October 23, 2020
  • SIG Leadership Meeting October 29, 2020
  • Homeless Meeting October 29-30, 2020

Human Resources

Thanksgiving Holidays - November 23-27, 2020

SAVE THE DATE - CSD Career Fair, Saturday, February 20, 2021


Below is a list of Maintenance Division Projects:

  • CCMS Classrooms 18, 19, and 22 HVAC units were replaced.
  • CCMS Library HVAC Unit has been replaced.
  • CCMS Football Fieldhouse Lavatory replacement has been completed.
  • Bottle Filtered Water Fountains installation at CCMS, CCDTC, and Pearman Elementary School has been completed.
  • CCMS Cafeteria Kitchen HVAC Unit has been replaced.
  • CCHS Classrooms 202 and 204 HVAC Units will be replaced.
  • Parks Elementary School window replacement throughout the school has been completed.
  • Parks Elementary School Room 19 HVAC Controller is back online.
  • Parks Elementary School East Wing roof replacement has been completed.
  • HCC HVAC Units in rooms 19, 28, and Teacher’s Lounge will be replaced.

Special Services

Dates to Remember

Flu shots for district staff- Nov. 4 and Nov. 11

Student Flu shots are on back-order. Dates to be determined.

CSD Nurses Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nurse Karen McClain, Molly Carol Johnston, and Mandy Wilburn.

Special Services Department receives donation of 40 backpacks from Junior Auxiliary for students with disabilities. JA members are Hannah Satterfield, Haley Huerta Kelly, and Price Rosson.

Shaw Medical Clinic Spotlight

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Nora is a native of Mound Bayou, MS. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Walter C. Gough, M.D. and Mrs. May Bailey Gough. Dr. Gough-Davis received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Chemistry from Mississippi Valley State University in 1999 graduating as the Valedictorian of her class. During her academic years at Mississippi Valley State University, Dr. Gough-Davis was a Presidential Scholar for all four academic years, a member of the Mississippi Alliance for Minority Participation (MAMP), Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, the Women's Basketball Team, and the Eta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Upon graduating from Mississippi Valley State University, Dr. Gough-Davis began a career as a science and pre-algebra teacher, girls' basketball assistant coach and girls' softball head coach for the North Bolivar School District. In 2003, the girls' basketball team achieved their first Girls' State 2A Basketball Championship. In 2002, Dr. Gough-Davis earned a Master of Science in Natural Sciences from Delta State University in Cleveland, MS.

In 2005, Dr. Gough-Davis received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from Delta State University. In 2009, she received a Master of Science in Nursing from Delta State University. In 2012, she received a Master in Business Administration with a focus in Health Care Management from the University of Phoenix. In 2014, she received a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree from Delta State University.

In June 2009, Dr. Gough-Davis began her career as a Family Nurse Practitioner at North Delta Medicine Clinic in Clarksdale, MS until departing in 2012. In August 2012, Dr. Gough-Davis opened her own family practice clinic, Shaw Family Medical, LLC in Shaw, MS. In August 2016, she re-opened her mother and late father’s clinic, Gough's Family Medical Clinic in Drew, MS. She has served as a clinical preceptor for at least 21 nurse practitioner students from various universities. Several of the nurse practitioner students have progressed to opening their own clinics in the MS Delta.

In addition to providing care to patients across the lifespan, the clinic has provided several other services with the goal of improving the health of community. In 2018, Dr. Gough-Davis opened 4 school-based clinics providing care to students, staff, and the community in the North and West Bolivar Consolidated School Districts with no out-of-pocket expense to any children, their parents, or the school districts: Shaw Family Medical has provided biannual Allied Health Scholarships to graduating seniors interested in careers in health care.

In November 2017, Nora received the Rural Health Champion by the Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute for the Education of Health Disparities. She also received the Birdie Griffin Health Care Award by the United Family Life Center.

In January 2019, Nora co-founded Making Moves in the Community, a nonprofit organization aimed at improving the health of the Delta by providing health education through music and other cultural activities.

Nora’s favorite quote is “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”


The technology staff closed approximately 216work orders so far this month. The staff provides technical support to all students, parents, and teachers/staff for the Cleveland School District.

Google training began for staff interested in becoming a Google Certified Educator. The district set a goal of having 3 Google Certified Educators by the end of next year. Teachers from each school are taking these courses virtually over the next few weeks. It will give them a strong foundation of knowledge in Google Suite for Education.

The installation of new Promethean Panels will begin the week of October 26th. All classrooms will have newer active panel technology. The panels will replace the older projector boards bought many years ago. Training will be provided for each teacher on using the new panels to enhance their instruction.

The technology staff provided assistance in recording several school events as well as the community meeting live stream.


We certainly want to show our appreciation for our bus drivers and the bus aides for all that they do. We appreciate your dedication, hard work, and your continued commitment to the students we service here in the Cleveland School District. So when you see the bus drivers out on their routes and at your schools, be sure to show them some love and let them know that you appreciate them as well. The bus drivers and bus aides make our jobs possible, and what they do should never go unrecognized.

Here in the Transportation Department, we are working diligently to keep all of our staff and students safe. We are continuing to carry out our safety precautions and COVID19 protocols and keeping ourselves aligned with CDC guidelines. We have seen much success, and we hope to continue to do so.

The shop technicians are continuing to prepare our fleet for the cooler temperatures ahead, in addition to daily maintenance and repairs.

We are also proud to announce that we have all of our drivers in the District registered in the FMCSA's Government portal. We are now in full compliance with all newly enacted regulations and protocols.

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