Effects Of Divorce On Children

Why It Needs To Stop By: Callie Simpson

We All Know Someone Who Has Been A Product Of Divorced Parents

The rate at which American couples are filing for divorce needs to decrease due to the negative short term and long term effects on their children throughout their life.

Emotional Toll It Takes On Children

Short Term Effects

Long Term Effects

What To Take Away?

Although you can see how deeply divorce can affect us, we can't let it define us. We can't let what our parents have chosen us to do negatively influence us. These situations can make us stronger, driven, and even make us want to give our children what we didn't have when the time comes.

Having Trouble With Your Divorce?

Don't put your kids through the heart wrenching effects of divorce. Take a step toward fixing it with your significant other by visiting the Divorce Help website or contacting them over phone.
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