Wired on Wednesday

September 7, 2016

We're Here to Help!

As most of you know, Kelly and I love technology! We know your time is limited so Wired on Wednesday is a means to assist you with some of the "need-to-knows" about our district technology as well as "did-you-knows" about the latest tech tools. Please let us know if we can lend you a hand in your quest to integrate technology in your classroom.


FHSD Tech Updates

  • BYOD - It's B-a-c-k! Please keep the following in mind: 1) The guest network is restricted to the common areas; and 2) Students and teachers will be able to login to the FHSD network with AD credentials.*
  • VoiceThread - Use https://fhsdschools.ed.voicethread.com. You will use your AD credentials.* If you have devices in your room you need to change the settings to fhsdschools.ed.voicethread.com.
  • Discovery Education - Access at google.discoveryeducation.com and login with FHSD Google credentials.

*AD is short for Active Directory. This is the login you use for the computers and many of your other district sites.

How to Reset Google Passwords for Student Accounts

Computer logins and Google drive logins are now synced for all students. This means that the password a student uses to log on to the computer should also be the same for Google Drive. Unfortunately this isn't always the case! The following procedure should be followed if a student is able to log on to the computer but not Google.
  • Have student log in to the computer.
  • Hold down the control-alt-delete keys at the same time.
  • They will be prompted to choose a new password. Please remind them that it must be between 8-16 characters, have at least one capital and one lower case letter, a number or a symbol, and not include any part of their name or student number.
  • After changing their password it will work for both the computer login and Google Drive.
  • If this doesn't work please place a technology work order.

Also, please keep in mind that all freshmen and sophomores have registered their password in the password portal. If they have forgotten their password, have them enter their login and then select "Forget Your Password?" on the home screen. They should then be propted to answer 1 of 3 questions correctly in order to reset their own password.

Hotspots and Laptops Available for Student Checkout

The Learning Commons has a limited number of hotspots and laptops that are available for student checkout. If you have a student that needs either (or both) please refer them to the Learning Commons.
  • Hotspots and/or laptops may be checked out in the Learning Commons by students who do not have access to them outside of school.
  • The loan period is for one month at a time with an option to renew.
  • A permission slip must be signed by parent/guardian and student prior to check-out.

Permission slips can be obtained in the Learning Commons or by clicking here for a hotspot permission form or here for a laptop permission form.

Using Gale Databases with Google

Our Gale databases (Literature Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Science in Context, U.S. History in Context, and World History in Context) now work seamlessly with your Google Classroom. If you are looking for great non-ficition articles on some of the hottest topics to share with your students, go to the school website, select the Learning Commons tab and then select "Find A Database". Learn more here.

Students who log in to the databases using their Google account will also be able to highlight and take notes with any selected article. They can then choose to download the article to their Google Drive with notes and highlighting in tact. Share this handout with your students to show them how it works.

Don't forget Gale also works seamlessly with EasyBib! Kelly and I would be happy to share more about these great resources with you and your classes.

New Team Mode Feature in Kahoot

When you want to use Kahoot but only have a limited number of devices, consider team mode. Team mode allows students to create a team name and then list the members of the team. Created for schools that aren't 1:1, students can now collaborate on their answer to a question before submitting their response on one device. Check it out!