Friday morning coffee!

Getting ready to HOP into the long weekend!

Enjoy this week as you continue celebrate Passover or are about to celebrate Easter! The Bogdas are enjoying LOTS of family time here--my twins turned 11 on Wednesday, we have church this afternoon followed by my son's birthday party, my daugther's birthday party tomorrow and then Easter celebrations with family on Sunday. Then, I'll be gearing up for a busy week of traveling and shows next week.

But, I am excited to start my morning with YOU! Is your cup of joe in hand yet? Mine is! Let's get to some celebrating!


Standing ovation for these women:

  • Welcome to brand new stylist Steffany Morel of Harrisburg, PA!! She lived in Puerto Rico for several years and will be holding one of her first shows there in 2 weeks! Talk about good timing with joining, right?!? Good luck Steffany!
  • Congrats to Michele Brennan of Madison, NJ for earning LEVEL 1 of the Summer Splash incentive! She is off for a California vacation this morning, but squeezed in a final show last night and rocked it! She is our 2nd team member to earn this prize!
  • Pamela Meester of St John's Newfoundland Canada is less than $100 away from being the next up to win Level 1 too!
  • Last week, we booked 11 new Spring trunk shows! WOW! Check out the section below to see who won the Kimberly necklace!
  • We had a small but fun team meeting on Monday night in Lancaster: thanks to Ashley Z, Kelly P and Danielle C for coming out!
  • Nicole Warner has lined up 2 shows this week! Great job! She is getting excited to start debuting the line to ladies in her community!
  • Kelly Palmquist and her friend/new stylist Danielle Curry are meeting for new stylist training today to get Danielle up & running soon. Have fun ladies!
  • Katina Byram registered for Hoopla! Cannot wait to see you in Orlando Kat!

Last week's Flash Incentive!

Last week's contest was to BOOK BOOK BOOK!

  • BOOK a new show for APRIL and get 2 raffles (I just booked one yesterday for Sat 4/26 so YOU TOO can still do it)
  • Book a NEW show for May and get 1 raffle!

Check out who booked new shows!

Jillian Christine- May show, 1 raffle
Katina Rouis Byram- May show, 1 raffle
Lassie McDowell Pappas- May show, 1 raffle
Lassie McDowell Pappas- April show, 2 raffles
Gretchen Lyons McDonel- May show, 1 raffle
Kelly Palmquist- May show, 1 raffle
Steffany Morel- May show, 1 raffle
Steffany Morel- April show, 2 raffles
Ashley Martz April show, 2 raffles
Diana Marcantuone- May show, 1 raffle
Karen Haviland Evanoff - May show, 1 raffle
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KELLY PALMQUIST of LANCASTER, PA! Woo-hoo Kelly! You were lucky # 7. We'll arrange to get you the gorgeous Kimberly necklace this week!

Flash Incentive # 2

Who wants to grow a team? There are 13 days left of our April sponsoring special! When someone joins your team, she will not only enjoy the flexibility of a new business, but a BONUS $100 in free product credit!

Simply listen to 1, 2 or 3 of the below TRAINING calls and share your takeaway from each call (either email me or post your takeaway on our team Bogda FB page). For every CALL that you listen to & share takeaways, you will get entered to win the gorgeous Capri Cotton Wrap - Geranium Floral!

Listen to 1 call and share takeaway, get 1 raffle entry.
Listen to 2 calls and share takeaways, get 2 raffle entries.
Listen to all 3 calls and share takeaways, get 3 raffle entries.

Winner will be announced next Friday morning!


3 Steps to Sponsor with Danielle Redner and Samantha Ballard– Step 1

The 3 Steps to Sponsor with Danielle Redner and Star Stylist Sarah Spurrell Step 2 - Getting to Know Her

Have some leads already? Listen to closing the deal on sponsoring this week? Missed it? Get the full call here:

Remember EMAIL me at with your takeaways, or post them on our Team Bogda FB page: Team Bogda at ""
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Reach out to me with any questions! xo, Gina

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