Jason's Invigorating Bleed of Gold

By: Brandon Poy, Tyler McMillin, and Zach Zei

Summary and moral of myth

The summary of the myth is that Jason wanted to find the golden fleece that his uncle stole. He needed it to cure his relatives. The moral of the story is that With strength comes respect, but with knowledge comes greatness.

Comapring and contrsting Jason and Christopher Columbus

Jason was a great immoral god. He could be compared to many heroes. One of them is Christopher Columbus. They were alike in many ways. One way is that they both went on a huge journey of a life time that would change the way that people thought of them forever. They also went on the trip by boat (On water). Also they ended up finding gold. Another thing is that they both were men. Finally, they both had a crew, a large crew. They had differences though. Jason had argonauts in his crew, Chris had pilgrims. Another difference is that Christopher was mortal, and Jason is immortal. Also, Jason was searching for a golden fleece. Christopher Columbus was trying to find new land. And lastly, they were for a different reason. Jason needed it to cure his relatives. And Christopher needed to find land to be rich and to bring people over.



Hello Jason, I heard you claimed the throne after we stole the golden fleece, but I thought it was just a myth.How did your uncle react?

He was pretty angry Atlanta. He through a fit but I got him out of there.

Atlanta, how is your reputation in the forest?

I'm well respected because people are pretty happy the boar is gone.

I didn't see you for a while after we got to the island, what happened Jason?

I totally DOMINATED that wreched beast.

Jason, was it hard?

Well, I don't want to brag or anything but, I was pretty outstanding, no I was super outstanding, possibly even more outstanding than... Sorry.

What's going on with you and Medea(his wife)?

She gets angry once and awhile , she starts arguments, she insulted my father, and she broke a vase or two... or seven, but other than that, she's well.

Atlanta, are your skills just as sharp as before?

Yup, just as good as they always were and always will be.

Is your castle spotless as usual.

Yes, life in a castle is good unless it is stolen by your uncle.

So Atlanta, did you ever move out of that crummy old cottage of yours?

Jason, well then. Good bye and good riddince.

To you too.

They lived in Lolocus, the kingdom where Jason ruled and where he started his journey. He traveled to Colchis to get the fleece.