Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Civil Rights in the United States

Early life

Martin Luther King Jr was born in Atlanta, Georgia (He was born as Michael King Jr) He attened high school in Atlanta and went to Morehouse and earned a degree in Sociology. He later got a Doctorate in Batchelor of Divintiy ( A subject consisting of theology and religion) in Pennsylvania. He returned to the south by going to Montgomery, Alabama. King became leader (Pastor) of the Montgomery Baptist Church in 1954 (Aged 25).

Life in Religion and on the Road to Civil Rights

King is famous for being a leader in the early Civil right movement of the Montgomery bus boycott (1955), a strike where black people refused to ride buses and shared cars with each other, this lead to bus companys chaning rules regarding segregation.

In 1957, King was active in the organisation of the Southern Leadership Christian Conference , formed to co-ordinate protests against discrimination. He adopted non-violent direct action based on the methods of Gandhi, who led protests against British rule in India culminating in India's independence in 1947.