WWII Project



10 Pts: Use of Technology

10 Pts: Connection to Standard/Benchmark & Explanation

10 Pts: Specific Details (Names, Dates, Stats/Evidence of Research)

5 Pts: Organization/Appearance

5 Pts: Five (5) Visuals with Explanation (image or video)

5 Pts: Bibliography (Must include AT LEAST 3 sources (URL)

45 Pts Total

Videos must be directly relevant and brief (Under 2 min.) Explanation of images can be brief (2-3 sentences)

Please honor the fallen heroes of WWII by creating a project you would be proud to share with their families

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State Benchmarks (Choose a state benchmark that your topic addresses & explain)

  • Describe the role of the United States as an emerging world leader and its attempts to secure peace and remain neutral; explain the factors that led the United States to choose a side for war.
  • Identify major conflicts of World War II; compare and contrast military campaigns in the European and Pacific theaters.
  • Evaluate the economic impact of the war, including its impact on the role of women and disenfranchised communities in the United States.
  • If your topic does not fit within a benchmark, explain it's significance in WWII and beyond.
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