Wayne Newton

Mr. Las Vegas

Wayne Newton - Danke Schoen (1968).flv
Have you ever heard the song Danke Schoen? If you have, then you probably know the famous artist who sang it. Wayne Newton is a singer whose music and performances helped make the Las Vegas Strip the "Entertainment Capital of the World."

Early Life

Wayne Newton was born in Norfolk, Virginia on April 3rd, 1942. At the age of 6, when his father went to fight in World War II, Wayne, his mother and brother moved to Roanoke where Wayne learned to play piano, guitar and steel guitar. This opened the door for he and his brother, Jerry, to start performing at fairs, theaters, and night clubs.

When Wayne was 10, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where his music career began. Wayne and Jerry formed the duo, Rascals in Rhythm, and started touring with the Grand Ole Opry, and even sang for President Truman! In High School, a Las Vegas booking agent saw their show and the brothers were hired to sing. A two week contract turned into five years.

Becoming Mr. Las Vegas

At the age of 21, Wayne Newton recorded his biggest hit, "Danke Schoen" and began to change the way headliner acts were hired. Wayne would go from casino to casino, showroom to showroom performing many times in one night! For the next 10 years, he had many other hit recordings like 'Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast" and "Red Roses for a Blue Lady."
The only work Wayne could get were opening acts for Comedians since lounge singers weren't hired in the main showrooms. It was during a deal with the Flamingo when Wayne stood firm and fought for his headlining act. It was in the month of November, when tourism was slow and the outlook for success very little. Because of his loyal local fans, his concerts were a big hit.

Wayne Newton broke all attendance records in Las Vegas Hotel history. In 1994, Wayne performed his 25,000th show in Las Vegas. This is how he earned the nickname "Mr. Las Vegas." In the 90's, Wayne Newton signed one of the biggest contracts in Entertainment history with the Stardust Casino.

Because of his popular concerts, Wayne Newton helped the Entertainment Industry impact tourism for Nevada. Las Vegas is what it is today due to Wayne Newton's success.