4th Ward Newsletter

Relief Society

The Stake RS has given us the following information to prepare for the meeting:

1. Get an LDS account:
- Go to lds.org and in the search bar enter “Get an LDS account” “LDS Account” will come up.
- Click on “Register as a member.” You will need your Membership Record Number (MRN). This is on your temple recommend or you can get it from your ward clerk.
- Enter your birth date, and you will be directed how to set up your user name and password. Write these down—you will use this every time you log on to Family Search or other password protected LDS sites. Bring this to our March meeting.

2. Bring up to 10 photos to scan and put into your family history account.

3. Bring grandparents information, names, and birth dates if you don't already have it in your family tree.

4. Gather and bring family stories of living and dead.

5. Bring your ID to download apps.

6.Bring your own laptop, phone, or iPad, if you have one.

You won’t want to miss this hands-on experience. This is a great activity for anyone interested in Family History. We appreciate you.
Marlene, Rosemary, and Debbie