Command Economy

Take what you need, Nothing more

Introduction to Command Economy

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The benefits of Command Economy

No Inequality

Makes more unity in country

They can't own more than one business

Boosts industrial power

Why people want it?

People want it to put the richer people on the same level as the people who work ten times more than them and can't reach their status

The Facts about Command Economy

A command economy works by all economic decisions are planned by a centralized authority and control the overall economy by creating laws and regulations that control both state-owned and privately owned businesses.

The central authority controls it.

Everyone is paid equal wages no matter the job.

There is one store with things made by one factory.

Easy-to- follow Explantion of Command Economy

What is a Command economy ?


Some people say that only a few people have power, but it stabilizes salaries for workers.


Command Economy makes life fair. There is no worries every one is equal. Government provides all the daily necessities needed to get by on daily life. You are taken care of and have nothing to worry about.
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