Thank you for your patience with this first round of testing for Kindergarten and 5th Grade students. I have enjoyed being able to meet with your children/GT LEAD these last two weeks.

The next round of testing is about to start. Remember, if a child is identified GT, h/she does not need to test from year to year. The only time for testing is in the event that a current GT LEAD student wants to test for the ASPIRE ACADEMY. In that case, the parent needs to refer his/her child to be tested for the ASPIRE ACADEMY by completed the referral form using the link below, The deadline for referrals is Friday, February 7th.

Logic in 1st - 5th

In Grades 1st through 5th, we have been working on logical, if/then, thinking through logic puzzles. Students are practicing reading/rereading clues in order to use process of elimination to narrow down to the answers. They are also writing geometry-type proofs to demonstrate their thinking using algebraic number problems.

1st Grade - Contribution

First Grade students are also starting a project titled, "My Dog is as Smelly as...." Students will be practicing writing metaphors and similes using this book as an example. Eventually, they will be putting this into a Doceri (digital) format.

2nd Grade - Systems

Second Graders are creating their own REBUS puzzles using piccollage. A REBUS is a picture equation that represents the syllables or sounds of each word.
Big picture
Big picture

3rd Grade - Power

Third Graders participated in an activity called "Foiled Again," where students tapped into their creative thinking to create something out of a flat piece of foil.Beforehand, students brainstormed various ideas, evaluated them, and selected the best idea to create. After that, students titled them and then wrote a speech bubble. For example, if your item could talk, what would it say. We practiced getting into the mindset of an inanimate object or an animal. We focused on multiple perspectives. Lastly, students wrote presentation scripts and are presenting at this time.

4th Grade - Exploration

Fourth Graders are exploring cause and effect. We started by watching the Honda Cog Internet commercial and how it was made in the spirit of Rube Goldberg, the father of cause and effect cartooning. We are continuing this research, which will eventually lead us to making our marble runs out of recyclable materials.

5th Grade - Change

Fifth Graders will be thinking about and planning their courses for middle school. With this in mind, students reflect on what happens in 5th Grade and how that affects middle school. Therefore, students completed mini-drawstarts and then began to create forced analogies, using two opposite ideas to make a comparison. They are currently writing metaphors and similes for each draw start with stem starters, such as....

  • GT LEAD is like ________________ because _________________
  • Problem solving is like ______________ because _____________
  • 5th Grade is like ___________________because ______________
  • Being a leader is like _________________because ______________

Students also created their own sentence starters. The more practice students have with metaphorical thinking, the more vivid the language will be in their writing, as well as in presentations or debates. They are learning to manipulate language for an intended effect.