The Americans Have Won!

We Beat the British!

The Colonies Are Independent!

The British had taken over but we revolted! We started a war and we ended it. We won against all odds. We were ill-trained, ill-equipped, and very sick while the British was the exact opposite. Us Americans had our spirit, patriotism, help from the French, and the experienced George Washington. Britain was too far away from us to be constantly sending people over here and back, the King couldn't convince his people that this would be an important victory, and they just had poor leadership. They had plenty of men and troops, but they were poorly led.

In the winter we were getting very tired and sick. We didn't have shoes or proper clothing, the British were tracking us by our trails of blood, and we never had time to camp. But then Thanksgiving rolled around and the congress ordered us to attend the Continental Army Thanksgiving. After so long only surviving on the little bits of food we would find, we finally had a sufficient meal. We were each given 1/4 cup of rice and a table spoon of vinegar to cook it in. We were all just so happy. Then the Declaration of Independence was written and read to us. This just filled our souls and spirits with empowerment.

Even though the patriots were loving the Declaration of Independence, some Americans were totally confused. They had a right to be. I am talking about the African Americans. While the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men were created equal, that really only applied to rich white men. African Americans were still slaves at the time and were regarded as property, not men. The British were telling them that in Britain, they would be free. The African Americans were very split, but we were able to keep them here.

The Americans were able to beat the British in Trenton because the Hessians were sleeping and caught off guard. They were taken hostage. Hessians were the German ally's of Britain. After winning this fight and the fight in Princeton, we were electrified from the victories.

After a while George Washington realized he was losing too many men playing offensive, so he decided he wouldn't enter battles that would put his armies at risk. Then the French joined us and we were more powerful than ever. Two men from France were very helpful to us. We had Baron Friedrich Von Steubon in charge of military training and Marquis de Lafayette joined the soldiers and bought us better clothing.

In the battles down south, some one said something that was very true. They said " We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again". Also so prevent the British from moving any further, the French and the Americans formed 2 lines that stretched over 1 mile long along the road to Yorktown. We won this battle mostly because the British were so tired. They had traveled all the way down south from way up north. All they did was walk.

We have now agreed to sign a peace treaty with Great Britain. They have agreed to recognize us as an independent nation and they gave up all of the land between the Atlantic coast and the Mississippi river and then from the border of Canada to just before Florida. They also agreed to return all rights and property that were taken away and undo all of the taxes and laws they had made. This was a good deal to us. Now we are free.

Celebration of the Victory

Monday, Feb. 18th, 9pm

Washington, DC

Washington, DC

This will be a wonderful ball at the White House. It will be just full of celebration and happiness.