September 21-25

Sight words:

Please work on these daily. Students should be able to both read and spell them.

Sight Words:

1. Tuesday

2. is

3. his

4. as

5. of

What We're Learning This Week!

Math: In math we will continue our unit over sums and differences to 10. In this unit, students will be learning how to count on, decompose numbers, and how to find an unknown addend using subtraction. If you have access to addition and subtract flash cards with in 10, these would be a great tool to support fluency. Here is a link for an online resource for addition to 9.

Fundations: We will continue our unit over tapping or sounding out CVC words or words with three sounds. Example: cat, bat, cup, tap.

Reading: Please continue to read nightly with your child. Reading is a great night time routine and has a huge impact on a child's learning. Online resource link for reading.

Writing: We will continue our first writing unit. We are working on writing a complete sentence using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, writing neatly with spaces between words, punctuation at the end of a sentence, and writing a complete thought. Students will continue to build on these skills throughout the school year.

Monday Sept. 14: Wear PJ's for PJ Day

Tuesday Sept. 15: Wear a hat for Hat Day

Wednesday Sept. 16: Wear White for Class Color Day

Thursday Sept. 17: Dress like your favorite teacher

Friday Sept. 18: Wear as much red, white and blue as you can for Spirit Day


Water bottles will be sent home on Friday's. Please remember to wash them over the weekend and return them on Monday or the following school day. Our water fountains are out of order due to COVID. Students are able to fill up their water bottles and use them as needed.

Important Dates Coming up:

  • September 25- Progress reports go home in Friday folders
  • September 30-Picture day for in seat students

Little Reminder:

Coach Hagedorn would like to remind families that the students need to please wear or bring tennis shoes for PE on their assigned week. Without tennis shoes they may not be able to participate in activities.
Smart Snacks

Click on the Smart Snacks button in order to view a list of healthy snacks to send with your child.