Huntington's disease

Caused by an inherited defect in a single autosomal gene

Testing and Symptoms

The testing to see if some one has Huntington disease is mostly on consisted of how people answer questions, Reflexes, Memory, hearing and visions and muscle strength. This is so because Huntington's consists of a wide range of symptoms. Like Muscle problems, slow eye movement, difficulty with speech, lack of awareness, lack of impulse control, lack of flexibility, Insomnia, loss of energy,Social withdrawal, behavioral problems and many more. However this is most popular in European ancestry.

Huntington's disease is a Autosomal Dominant disorder found in Chromosome 4.


There is no cure for Huntington Disease. However medicines can be prescribed, depending on the symptoms. Dopamine blockers may help reduce abnormal behaviors and movements and Drugs such as diamante and tetrabenzine are used to try to control extra movements. As the disease progresses, the person with need assistance and supervision, and may eventually need 24-hour care.