it's Element@ry

parents and educators together

Social Emotional Learning + Engaging Parents

Each month parents and staff will receive helpful tips, strategies, activities and resources to support their children at home and in the classroom. An easy read on smartphones and tablets. When parents are engaged and teachers supported, kids are more ready to learn. Click on the banners below to check it out.

it's element@ry

Friday, Aug. 15th 2014 at 12am

This is an online event.

a newsletter delivered to you to distribute to your families

Links to appropriate online websites with activities, resources and strategies on topics relevant to home and school.

For example:
mental health

anxiety * depression * eating disorders


organization * paying attention * following instruction * task completion

conflict resolution

empathy * perspective taking * problem solving

social skills

self control * anger managment * making friends

Just a click to Pinterest for more resources.

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