TCEA 2016 Turn-Arounds & Take-Aways

Resources you can use right now, and some for later

Margie Brown

Ed Tech Valley View and Forest Trail Elementaries, Austin, Texas

Turn Arounds- Resources you can use right now.


Quizizz is very similar to Kahoot, except the questions appear on the students' devices.
There is also a search feature that allows you to drag questions from previously created Quizziz to one you are creating.
Here's a quick slide show about it

Photos For Class

A search engine with safe images and correct citations included in the image download.
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The Connected Primary Classroom -Teresa Brown NEISD

Here's a Link to her TCEA presentation...lots of great ideas:
Note, if you view the slideshow in preview mode, you will be able to follow the links in it.

Also Check out all the Smart Notebook files on her Website:
Phonological Awareness/Phonics
Kinder Math

Kinder Science has some great app ideas, including ready made task cards.

Technology Components in Daily 5 has Symbaloo boards of links for each one (scroll down to the middle of the page)
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For the Primary Classroom-Collins Big Cat Books

8 Free apps that feature read aloud, voice recording, and other interactive features within the story.
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Take Aways - Food for thought and resources to look at later.

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Janet Corder and Joan Gore-Way too many ideas to list here..

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Making Maker Spaces Easy

Key Things to Remember

● Build relationships.

● Make your space comfortable.

● Listen.

● When you need inspiration, talk to the kids.

● Start with just one thing.

● It’s ok to change things up if they aren’t working.

● Don’t give up.

● Don’t stress.


A Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces

How to Build Your Makerspace

Maker Club Playbook

The Maker Movement Is Not About 3D Printing

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All Aboard: Full STEAM Ahead

A google slides presentation with the whys, the hows, and other great resources and ideas.
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We are Makers- 2 Librarians from Castleberry ISD

A Google Slides presentation with Lots of great ideas for Maker Spaces and a link to a Pinterest Board of Maker Spaces by subject area at the end.
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Connecting the Dots: Libraries, Technology, STEM , and Literacy

Transforming elementary and middle school libraries from 20th century libraries to 21st century Learning Commons that incorporates new learning opportunities and interactive processes of gaming, coding, STEM manipulatives, and literacy skills.
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Minecraft EDU: Can You Dig It?

In addition to what is Minecraft EDU? and How does it work?, this Google Slideshow has lots of curriculum integration ideas in it.
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Teleport Your Classroom with Minecraft EDU

Not a gamer? Have no fear because your students are, and their excitement will draw you into the Minecraft world! Learn how Celeste Junior High is engaging students across the curriculum with MinecraftEDU.

STEM, STEAM & 3-D Printers

This year, at the Texas Computer Educators Association conference it seemed like every vendor had a 3-D printer. Some were huge, some were small, but they were "the thing" this year.

There were also a lot of booths selling maker kits, STEM kits and materials and STEAM resources.

The sessions for Maker-Spaces, STEM and STEAM programs were all very well attended.