Havering Virtual School

February 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to Havering Virtual School's first newsletter! We aim to circulate a termly newsletter to give you information of upcoming events, useful resources and updates.

As you may know, we have recently introduced an online system to complete the PEPS for Havering LAC. The new system is called ePEPonline and our aim is for PEPs to become more of a live, working document that monitors and reviews each child's progress and achievments. As of January 2016 and going forward, all PEPS should be completed on the online system rather than the paper based version. Many of you have attended training sessions and have been using the new system,which is great! We are continuing to meet with colleagues to roll out ePEP training, so just let us know if this is something you need. Please give us your feedback on how the ePEP is working for you as this is important to us further developing it.

Best wishes.

Anita Stewart

Assistant Head for Havering Virtual School

Upcoming Events

Watch this space...

We are going to putting on a number of one off and regular events to support our LAC out of school time. This will be both after school and during holiday times. Please encourage children/carers to sign up. Further information to come.

-Maths through cookery sessions- primary and secondary

-English through drama- primary and secondary

-After school homework club

-City Walks- secondary

Useful Links and Resources

See below for useful links and resources:

1. Toolkit on how to use pupil premium and the impact that it has.


2. The London Fostering Achievement Toolkit for schools


3. National Network for the Education of Care Leavers (NNECL)- an excellent resource with opportunity for young people to get involved with university taster days/weekends. Something to look into for our KS4 and post 16 pupils.