The Coliseum Update

Dec. 23-27, 2013

Jump Start Your Year & Your Metabolism

Please check the online schedule for all updates and changes in classes and appointments for this week. The treadmills are on and the bikes are spinning! Don't let the kettlebells collect dust.

What will your healthy look like for 2014?

1.Challenge 36 is 3 separate 12 week challenges that are broken into 3 semesters: spring, summer and fall.

2.Each semester will have one 12 week challenge made up of “Fit Groups.” These will provide the structure and accountability you need.

Fun | Interactive | Training

3.Fit Groups are interest-based health & fitness groups. You create your own challenge and invite others to join in. It's free market health & fitness challenges, encompassing all aspects of mind, body and soul. Think of "Fit" in terms of holistic health, not just toned muscles. Cooking groups, ballroom dancing group, book clubs, etc.

Monday Motivation

"Do not count the days, make the days count."


Have a safe and happy holiday week!