Coding 3

MP2 Week 10

Social Media Design

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Your Mission:

Due Sunday 1/24/16

  • If you attended Virtual Lessons, you know what to do!
  • If you did not attend Virtual Lessons, please click on the first link below to watch the recording. There is no "Question of the Week" to answer for this week. However, if you didn't attend Virtual Lessons and you don't watch the lesson recording you will not know what to do!
  • Don't forget to add your Activity 2 to our class studio in Scratch! Remember to share it first!

*Activity 1 is only required for those who are new to the class or would like a refresher!

*Activity 2 is required and is what you post to our Scratch Class Studio called: Coding 3: Social Media Design! Click here for a direct link to the studio:

Click Here: Virtual Lesson Recording

If your did not attend the Virtual Lesson, please watch the Virtual Lesson Recording first!

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Click here: Social Media: Enter Code Above

Click the above link and then enter the club code to get started! You will then be given a username and password! Make sure you write it down!

See you in cyberspace!