Design Brief

By: Breyana Taylor, Period:2A


My goal for this innovation to the bookbag is to make it so that it pleases the clients needs which is:Janelle Baker needs a binder that will easily fit into her locker and is easy to carry along with all of her other books.Janelle is constantly dropping her books and cant seem to carry everything that she needs for her classes. She would like for it to be large enough to hold her novel from LA, her pencil pouch, and her EN and IAN notebooks. Inside the binder, she would also like a compartment for her flask drive. Janelle is really into fashion and wants a binder that is really 'cute'. She only has $15.00 to spend and is very eco-friendly conscious

Budget and schedule

She only has $15.00 to spend. There is not an exact schedule to follow because we have to gather ideas and bsacially use the design process.

Target Audience

I will to shock you with amazing design and amazing qualities that will be within your budget if not under.

Availble Materials

Although you don't have any materials, I have $5.00 worth that you may but you must provide the rest.

Overall Style

I plan for the front to be pink zebra print and for it to have an extra two pockets for the language arts book and the to other books.


Do not pull on added pieces.

Do not let get into the reach of children ( pieces may be swallowed and child may be badly hurt )