Grade Level Information

3rd Grade STAAR

What tests will they take?

This year our third graders will take the math and reading STAAR tests. For each test, the students will be given a 4 hour time frame to complete it in.

Math- May 8th

Reading- May 9th

Released STAAR questions:



For more resources and information on the tests please go to:

What kind of review and practice will there be in the days leading up to the tests?

Spring Review: The week before Spring Break the third graders took a practice test in both subjects. We will use these results to guide our instruction and reteach some of the necessary skills for the test. This being the first year for the test, we want to ensure that our students know what to expect in May. Both tests in the Spring Review contained questions from released STAAR tests.

STAAR Camp: In order to review for both tests, we plan a fun-filled week the week before the tests. This a tradition done here at Steiner that allows students to rotate to different classrooms and review skills learned throughout the year. They will play games, review vocabulary, and even practice sample questions from previous tests. Themes: Country Western, 50's, Rock n' Roll, 60's/70's, and "STAAR" Wars.

Other Practice: In the classroom we practice with STAAR Connections in math to help with exposure to STAAR-like questions. We also practice in reading by reading a variety of passages and utilizing the PRESS strategy to answer the questions with.

4th Grade STAAR


Writing –March 28

Math – May 8

Reading – May 9

Released STAAR tests:




Spring Review:

In addition to teaching the required TEKS throughout the year, students completed a writing STAAR review at the beginning of this month and will complete a math and reading review in May. These reviews will simulate the types of questions that will appear on the actual tests.

Spring Camps

Since fourth grade is the first year students take the Writing STAAR test, fourth grade holds its annual “Camp Write-Along,” in March. This provides an opportunity for students to rotate through all fourth grade classrooms, reviewing skills and concepts that will help them be successful on the test, as well as writing an expository composition. Camp will take place this year on March 22, 23, and 24.

To review for Math and Reading STAAR, fourth grade also holds a two-day mini STAAR camp on May 3 and 4. Again, this provides a review opportunity the week before the tests in a fun and educational setting. More specific information for both camps will be coming home prior to the camp dates. Thanks!

5th Grade STAAR


  • ​March 28 - Math
  • March 29 - Reading
  • May 10 - Science

Released Tests:




How we prepare our 5th grade students?

Fifth grade prepares our students for the Reading STAAR by having them read a variety of genre passages, plays and poems in their green benchmark workbooks. The Language Arts teachers meticulously go over each question with explanations and strategies for finding the correct answer. Students determine what type of question is being asked and highlight evidence in the passage to support their answer choice. During math, the students answer practice STAAR-like questions. Each question is carefully analyzed. We state the main math idea, highlight important information needed to solve the problem, explain the approach or strategy we would use, and then show our work to figure out the solution. We meet with small groups daily to reinforce and reteach essential math and reading skills. For science, the students work on vocabulary words and science passages. We will also take practice tests for each of the subjects tested.

How can I as a parent best help my child prepare for the tests?

  • Help with homework
  • Read daily
  • Review strategies
  • Practice math facts!
  • Be positive and supportive
  • Make sure they get a good night's rest
  • Prepare a healthy and hearty breakfast the day of the test
  • Send plenty of healthy snacks to get them through 2-4 hrs of testing