Year 11 Good News

Edition 3

Silver Award

Congratulations Aaron Farley for achieving achieved his Silver Award. He has worked extremely hard to achieve this.

Upcoming event for Year 11 Bronze/Silver/Gold Student Awards.

The following students will be going to visit Bristol Harbourside as part of their course. They will be required to complete a number of challenges that test independence and social skills.

Olivia Thompson

Katie Stokes

Antony Doherty

Kye Tasker

Bradley Herbert

Good luck guys!

Art Exam

The art department was totally wowed by the standard of work produced in this years GCSE exam. All three classes of students worked for 10 (yes that's TEN!) hours pushing themselves to their artistic limits and then some.

We are so very proud of all of you. Don't forget that you now have 2 weeks to brush up your coursework which is worth the other 60% of your GCSE grade - you have seen exactly where your best efforts get you in the last few days so you should all be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Miss Dovey, Mrs Tushingham, Miss Davidson and Mr Joinson

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We have been running Literature revision sessions after school on Tuesdays and this week over 40 Year 11s turned up! They produced some excellent essay plans and were engaged and enthusiastic about revising ‘An Inspector Calls’. Well done Year 11!

The English Team

Here are some great pictures of Mr Ryan's class hard at it - keep it up boys!


Well done to these start students who have frequently attended after school and lunchtime catch up sessions for ICT and Computer Science since the start of the year;

Will Knight

Callum Dando

Jack Davies

Jake Jones

Adam Young

Ashley James

Tilly Cook

Jack Woolley

Sam Sweet

Brandon Moss

Ellie Kitchener

By attending these sessions these students have given themselves every chance of achieving their aspirational grades within both ICT and Computer Science.

BTEC Art Upcoming Event

Year 11 Art BTEC Students don’t forget to attend as many catch ups as you can over the next week because your BTEC assessment is on the 6th & 7th May which is only 7 school days away !!!.

We will of course provide treats for those who attend - art prep is hungry work!

Mr Joinson


A massive thank you to the Geographers who consistently attend Monday evening revision. Some students haven’t missed one session yet since Feb! Also I have seen some fantastic revision resources students have created at home.

Miss Fisher

Dance Upcoming Event

The Year 11/12/13 Dance practical exams are next week and all of the students have worked incredibly hard, keep it up for that final push!

Food Technology

The food group did a pastry practical in preparation for their exam yesterday and did a fantastic job!


“Chloe Cole and Lewis Ryan have just corrected me on a physics calculation involving momentum! The question was an A* level question and they were absolutely fantastic at it! They showed resilience and patience with me when I got it wrong.

Thank you well done to ALL of 11x2 -0 we got to the end – woo hoo!!!!!!!!

"Wet feet Holland.”