Inquiry in the Social Studies

From Great Questions to Informed Action

Preparing for February 23rd

We are very excited to meet with you on February 23rd. To help us prepare for the workshop, please take part in the following pre-workshop activities:

  1. Participate in the North Merrick UFSD Staff Survey (Embedded below)
  2. If you do not have a QR Code Reader, please download to any device a free QR Code Reader. This will allow you to scan QR Codes and will help you access our backchannel chat. (The QR Code for our workshop introduction can be found below.)
  3. Please bring to our session an idea for a question you might want to wordsmith with a partner or a writing team.
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Design Your Own (IDM) Adventure

The IDM Generator

The IDM Generator is a platform for teachers to develop interactive inquiries that can be completed online by students. The generator supports teachers to create their own inquiries, share those inquiries with other teachers, and make inquiry assignments for their students to complete. The easy to use, web-based interface enables students to inquire about compelling questions, access disciplinary sources, and complete formative and summative tasks and exercises in taking informed action. Teachers can create class accounts and produce a unique web address for students to complete an assignment online.

The IDM Generator Tutorial

The IDM Generator tutorial walks you through the 7 step process of creating your first inquiry. You’ll find the tutorial at and also linked on our IDM Generator home page at

C3 Inquiry Challenge

Submissions are now being accepted for the C3 Teachers Inquiry Challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to support and reward social studies educators using the Inquiry Design Model™ (IDM). We will award five $500 IDM Grand Challenge Awards and five $200 IDM Awards of Merit. Submissions are due by June 1, 2016 and winners will be announced byJuly 1, 2016.

Toolkit Introduction

toolkit introduction

Questions Matter




Taking Informed Action

taking informed action

Robert Fenter

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Research

Mitch Bickman

Director of Social Studies K-12

Dan Keegan

Oceanside Middle School

Assistant Principal