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What years were you in middle school?

The years she was in middle school were 2009-2011.

What kinds of music, movies, and fashions were popular at the time?

The music that was popular at the time were just the way your are, G6, and Baby by Justin Bieber.Movies that were popular at the time were toy story 3, despicable me, and twilight.The fashion that was popular were Abercrombie sweat pants and shirts, Uggs, and Nike air forces. Hair styles were bangs, curly, and straight.
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What were your favorite activities in middle school? What were your hobbies and interests?

Her favorite activités in middle school were minute to win it, super mile, and Bain .vs. Park view faculty basketball game. Her hobbies were sports.
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What job/interests/activities do you have now? Is there a connection between what you like back then and what you enjoy today?

She liked to work out she swam her whole life. She became a lifeguard because she was a competitive swimmer and she realized she liked helping people which made her decision to be a nursing major.

What was the best part about being in middle school?

She liked making a lot of new friends.

What was the worst part?

The worst part of middle school was she had no more recess and hated taking neap test.

How would you describe your middle school self?

She was a troubled child sometimes in school she was an average developing teenage girl.

What advice about growing up would you give to kids my age?

Don't take it for granite and stop growing up and enjoy your teenage years take a minute to enjoy life at it is.

What did she regret in middle school?

Regredit being a bad kid and not trying her hardest in class.

How was the transtiton form grade school to college?

It was a big change and a lot to adjust and you are responsible for your work completely.