4th Grade Tag News

Mrs Pham week of Septenber 14th -18th, 2015

This Week

We did not get a chance to take our Math Unit 1 CFA as planned. It will have to be after the break. In Science, we worked on researching our science fair topics and learned what is the difference between independent variables and dependent variable. In Social Studies, we learned about Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce de Leon. Last but not least, we got to the climax of The Maze of Bones where Amy and Dan went into the Catacombs in Paris to find the second clue to becoming the world's most powerful people.

Story of the Week: Write a story using the vocabularies

By Vienna Nguyen

One day a not very attractive girl walked by a vanity store that needed employees. The girl walked in and followed the sign that indicated where to go to qualify for the job. They asked her a few questions and she answered them in long responses. The next day, the girl realized that she got the job. Her job was to carry in boxes. Sometimes the manager would consent her to take a break to buy shabby clothes.

One day the manager gave the girl another job to thaw ice and manipulate them into scuptures. Sometimes she would pulverized the ice into snow cones and sell them using a psuedonym, like Amy's Snow Cones. Both jobs were important but she chose to carry heavy loads. she was always so dependable at work. The manager will never forget her.

Next Week

New Vocabularies: (Unit 4) ambush, dread, frantic, stun, calculate, employ, initial, sturdy, contribute, extend, routine, yield;

Challenging Words: (39 Clues) resemblance, surveillance, tattered

Vocabulary Test Friday October 2nd, 2015

Science: We will learn how animals adapt to survive including physical and behavior characteristics.

Math: We will have a unit one test this Tuesday. Review place value, addition, and subtraction Test will be on POINT pass code: CFAUNIT1

Social Studies: We will learning more about European Explorers

Writing: We will learn how to write an information paper using information in readings.

Reading: Our goal is to finish The Maze of Bones this week and learn the plot.

Up Coming Events

September 29th to October 2nd (conference week)

September 29: PTO meeting

October 9: End of Grade Period

October 12: No School (Teacher's Work day)

October 19: Grade Report

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