3K News

Week of February 2-6, 2015


2/13: Valentine's Day Party, 1/2 Day for Students (Professional Development for Teachers)

2/16: No School (President's Day)

2/17: No School (Professional Development for Teachers)

On February 13th, we will celebrate Valentine's Day. Some students may choose to bring in valentines for their classmates. I have sent home a class list with your child, so if your child chooses to bring in valentines, he/she can make sure to make a valentine for every classmate.

Let's Infer!

This week, our comprehension strategy is finding inferences in our texts. We find inferences by using our story clues, and our background knowledge to figure out what the author isn't coming right out and saying. This is a part of our goal to think beyond the text and critically think as we read.

To practice our skill, 3K students looked at different cartoons to analyze the clues in the cartoon, and what they already know, to fill in blank speech bubbles. Students were able to make various inferences from using different clues from the pictures.

Math Comes To Life!

3K has been working hard to understand how to use parentheses in equations. We learned that parentheses are like punctuation in math, they tell us what to do first. To practice our new skills, students played 3K basketball. Students shot 1 point, 2 point, and 3 point basketball shots. They then recorded their scores and created number models to show their total points. Students had a great time bringing math to life as they practiced their new math skills!
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Global School Play Day

This week marks the first annual Global School Play Day. This is a day where classrooms nation wide highlight the importance of play. Students are able to partake in unstructured, cooperative, and collaborative play. Students brought in various games that they wanted to share with classmates. Students practiced skills of imagination and collaboration. Classmates worked on skills such as taking others' perspectives and communicating with others in a stress-free, fun environment. We also used social media to explore how students at Tatem and across the country spent their time playing on Global School Play Day.

Follow this link to read more about this event!