The 4 levels of industry

By:Ava Hartman


Manufacturing is the process of turning a raw material into a product.

Example-Factors- Lemonade(brand simply)


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Wholesale , Transportation , retail

Service industry

Service industry is were the people advertise or market there good.


cite- Youtube

Simply Lemonade Commercial

How the the 4 levels of industry are used together?

Agriculture gathers and processes the raw materials like logging were you cut trees down and there's commercial farming were you plant crops or ranching were you raise sheep,cows and other animals also there's mining were you dig for gold coal and other things. Then comes Manufacturing were you turn your raw material into a product there are different ways to manufacture raw materials which some are factors were people give the item a brand name. There's bakers and people who make furniture and many more. Then the wholesaler keeps the product in a some sort of storage unit until the retailer comes to buy it, an example is a company, selling there product to Walmart. Then transportation comes were you have to ship the product to the retailer examples it could be a truck,ship or trains. Then the retailer buys the product from the wholesaler and sells the item to the consumers like target, academy or Walmart. Then the service industry takes the product and advertises it on a commercial, billboards or even taxis. So that's how the the 4 levels of industry work together.