What's Great About Michelle Obama?


Why Is She So great?

What is so great about Michelle Obama? Well, to start,there are so many great qualities about Michelle Obama, but these are just few. She was the first African american First Lady. Which is a huge accomplishment for america. If it was not for Michelle, there would be people that do not want to run for president because of their skin color. Even though, with a tough childhood, she still believed in anything she put their mind to. Michelle Obama is a caring and a very important part of the United States.

Her Rough Childhood

Obama was born on January 17, 1964 in South Chicago, Illinois. When Michelle was still a little girl, her father became sick with a disease called multiple sclerosis and died in 1991. In school, Michelle’s brother Craig was doing well in school but Michelle was not. She was forced to spend extra time studying to get top grades. After elementary school, in 1997, she attended Whitney M. Magnet High School. The graduated in 1981. At that time Craig was going to Princeton and had no trouble getting into it. Michelle was confident that if her brother can get into Princeton then so can her. That is exactly what she did. In September 1981, Michelle attended Princeton, her dream school. Princeton had many white people and is not what Obama was used to. When she was a senior she wrote a paper about Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black community. She wondered what Blacks at Princeton shaped their feelings. One of the quotes that Obama said was:”My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my blackness than ever before.” With Michelle’s confidence, she did really well at Princeton. She graduated in 1985 then studied to be a lawyer at Harvard Law School. Yes, Michelle did have a pretty rough childhood but she overcame it and that is something she is known for doing.

Adult Life

Michelle did well at Harvard. She also worked to help the community like poor people in the neighborhood. Helping others was going to be something Obama would do all of her life. She graduated from Harvard in 1988. She took a job as a lawyer at Sidley Austin in Chicago. In 1989, Michelle’s boss asked her to help a law student. The student’s name was Barack Obama. Lucky for Michelle, they both wanted to help the less fortunate. They became really good friends. In October 1992, Barack and Michelle got married. In 1991, Michelle worked for Chicago’s Mayor, Richard Daley. In July 1998 Michelle gave birth to Malia, her first daughter. Natasha, her second daughter, was born not to much later in 2001. Michelle would stay home and watch her children when Barack was at work. Not long after, Barack gave a speech and ran for president and made a huge accomplishment for his family. Barack won and was really excited to be the president of the United States.

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A Very Important Accomplishment

One of the biggest accomplishments for Obama was that she is the first African American First Lady. While Barak ran for president she helped him and encouraged him. She would give speeches all over america and get on television so Barak would win. Michelle also understood that many Americans were struggling so she wanted to work her hardest to make America as best as it could be. Michelle being the First African American First Lady impacted the United States because she gave a lot of African American women courage that if Michelle could do it then I can too. She jumped over many obstacles to get this far and it really paid of. Michellle is a great First Lady and person because of her accomplishments.

Another Accomplishment

Michelle helps communities all over the world which not any other First Lady has done. She has put her heart into helping the community, recycling and helping the poor. One of her goals was to encourage people to volunteer in their communities. In 2009,she even started a program called “We Serve”. She collects unwanted food for shelters and the homeless. If Michelle Obama was not our First Lady there would be more people on the street and more Americans Struggling. We should all be thankful that Michelle Obama is our First Lady.


To conclude, Michelle Obama is a very important person because, without her we would not be where we are today. Michelle is still alive, and is working her hardest to help Americans. Michelle is one of the best people in America because she cares for others and not just herself.

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