Teaching Digital Citizenship

Internet Safety

Why talk about Internet Safety?

Internet safety is increasingly becoming more of a concern. It seems our children are accessing the internet as soon as they can read and write. Since technology is so prevalent in the lives of the younger generations, teaching our children how to be safe while using the internet seems of utmost importance.

Resources for Teaching Internet Safety

Plenty of online resources already exist for teaching about internet safety. Some of the most notable include:


Enough is Enough

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resources teaching internet safety.

Everyone Knows Your Name - Online Safety Commercial

Who is Responsible?

Every responsible adult in a child's life is responsible for teaching about internet safety. This includes both parents and teachers, as well as coaches, babysitters, etc. If you feel like a child's safety is in danger due to an internet threat, you are responsible to act.

Keep our children safe.