Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 5.29.18

The Week at a Glance


Let's make this short and sweet:

1. We will have a master schedule with preps out by this Wednesday. It will be a first draft.

2. I have 18 Padres Tickets for Tuesday May 29 at 7:10 PM. Let me know if you would like a pair of tickets or possibly more.

3. Have a happy EOC week! Please make sure you check in with Alejandra with any concerns.

4. Thanks for taking the strengths survey. Please make sure you list your top five on this spreadsheet --> LINK.

5. We will have a short meeting for promotion. Be on the lookout for the information from Molly Bulwa.

6. Unfortunately, we are losing Nathan Horner at the conclusion of this year due to administrative changes. He would stay if given the choice. He has been nothing short of amazing. I know he will be highly coveted as he interviews for other positions and I am going to miss him dearly. Please wish him well. He has said nothing but great things about our school.

Almost there!! Breathe. Envision summer. Sprint.

Our Students!

The Harry Potter Club

Nothing like a bunch of muggles throwing a party for wizards!
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Supreme Court (Thanks Flinn!)

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Mural Painting

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8th Grade Awards Ceremony

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Safe School Ambassadors

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All gave some. Some gave all.

Remembering our Veterans

I am always moved by the sacrifices of our military members. Let's always keep them in our hearts and minds. Enjoy these speeches about the impact of the military. Both speeches are not on Memorial Day, but capture the essence of our debt to our amazing military men and women serving our country every day. We remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Your Legacy

Mr. Cote

I was fortunate to see one of my favorite teachers at the awards ceremony as he supported one of his grandkids. Mr. Cote was a great teacher who took a personal interest in my life. I will never forget him going to my JV basketball games and always telling me how much he enjoyed watching me play (I was not that great... but, boy did I hustle!). It's all about relationships. I worked even harder for Mr. Cote because I knew that he cared about me beyond the classroom. Make those connections with kids in any way possible. It will make a difference!
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Your Growth

As you get ready for the summer, I want to encourage you to start thinking of some amazing enrichment opportunities out there. I am an ambassador for the Fulbright Teacher Exchange and National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar. There are tons of great opportunities for teachers and are free. Just need a little google time!

End of the Year Activities

As we get closer to the end of the year, here are some ideas for some reflective or collaborative ideas. Obviously, modify the last example to be more neutral. Enjoy those last days!