Sherwood Schools: District Updates

Start of School Edition

September 11, 2020

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With all students beginning school in either the Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) or Sherwood Cloud Campus models, and the inevitable changes that brings to the normal “back to school” routine, today’s newsetter is intended to provide you with important information to help you and your students prepare for a successful start of the academic year.

Student Body Handbook

The 2020-21 Sherwood School District Student Body Handbook is now available. Additionally, with all students starting the school year in a distance learning model, we have created an addendum to the 2020-21 Student Body Handbook. This addendum will address specific policies related to attendance, student conduct, and student privacy during online learning. Please review the policies and procedures in both the Student Body Handbook and Addendum to the Student Body Handbook thoroughly.

Zoom and Video Lessons

Our district is excited to be able to offer live (synchronous) instruction to students every day in our Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and Cloud Campus Models. We will be using Zoom as our video conferencing platform. Zoom gives educators the ability to host live meetings for providing live instruction to students, as well as allowing breakout groups for peer-to-peer interactions, among other features. This is an important change from our approach to distance learning from last spring.

Live lessons may be recorded so that students who are unable to attend the live lesson can watch it at a later time. These lessons will be posted securely in Canvas or Seesaw. We take your child’s privacy seriously. If you or your student are uncomfortable being recorded, your child can turn off their video during the session or watch the recorded lesson once it is posted.

Homeroom and Advisory activities at the secondary level will not be recorded, nor will Community Circles at the elementary level. These lessons need to provide safe and confidential spaces for students to share their thoughts and engage in discussions.

Privacy of students and staff is a top priority of the District. To that end, the District’s Addendum to the Student Body Handbook states the following:

“We take the privacy and security of our students and staff seriously. In addition to live lessons through Zoom, teachers are also posting video lessons. As students engage more fully in Distance Learning, we ask that students and families adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All content shared in video conferencing or through video lessons is for educational purposes only.

  • By accessing the material, students and families agree not to share content with anyone not enrolled in the class or assisting an enrolled student.

  • Unauthorized distribution of any distance learning content, including sharing video recordings or screenshots on the internet or social media, is strictly prohibited.

Students are responsible for all content posted and/or distributed using their District-issued device or from their school accounts. Discipline may ensue for violation of this rule with consequences up to and including suspension and expulsion. Under certain situations, law enforcement will be notified.”

Additionally, the District’s Student Body Handbook states that students may not use any Google Apps for Education for the “...Misrepresentation of Sherwood Schools, staff or students (Apps, sites, email and groups are not public forums. They are extensions of classroom spaces where student free speech rights may be limited)”.

Attendance Procedures

Attendance procedures will look different in a distance learning model. The guidance from the Oregon Department of Education sets for the following:

Attendance for Comprehensive Distance Learning/Hybrid as well as the Sherwood Cloud Campus shall use the same parameters. Students who interact with staff in a manner that involves two-way communication shall be counted as present for the class period at secondary or for the entire day at the elementary level.

Interaction with staff within a 24-hour period can be evidenced by any of the following or reasonable equivalents:

  • Participating in a live class on Zoom

  • Communication from the student to the teacher or instructional assistant via chat or email

  • A phone call with the student, or, for younger students, with the parent

  • Posting completed coursework to a learning management system (Seesaw/Canvas) or via email

  • Turning in completed coursework on a given day

If students do any of the above in a 24-hour period, they will be counted as present. When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent.

Phone Calls Home When Students Do Not Attend Video Lessons

School districts are required under state law to notify families by the end of each school day if students were absent during that day. This law is intended to keep students safe by letting their families know their child was not in school. If a family is not able to inform their child’s school of an absence, Sherwood schools notifies the family with automated phone calls home each day to report that the child was not in class. Our requirements under the law are the same in a distance learning model.

This presents a logistical challenge. Students can be counted as present in a distance learning model if they interact with staff in any of the ways mentioned above within 24 hours. However, we are required to inform families if their student is not present in class by the end of the day.

Therefore, families of students who are unable to attend live lessons during the school day may receive phone calls home letting them know their child did not attend. This does not mean that the child will be marked absent. It is simply a notification to families and is related to student safety. Attendance for the previous 24 hours will be reconciled by teachers at a later time.

Device Protection Plan

As all students in Sherwood have a mobile device for their use (iPads for grades K-2 and Chromebooks for grades 3-12), the District offers a Device Protection Plan. This optional program allows families to pay a $15 dollar fee at the start of each school year. This plan allows families to pay reduced rates on applicable damage and loss charges for their student’s device.

The attached form provides information about the details of the plan’s coverage. Please complete the form and indicate whether or not you would like to purchase this protection plan. If your form indicates that you would prefer to purchase the plan, the $15 fee will be added to your student’s account -- fee payments are due by October 15th.

If you have any questions about the Device Protection Plan, please contact your school’s office.

Meal Distribution Hubs & Rural Route Delivery

Starting on Monday, September 14, meal access will begin for students. Families that signed up for meal pickup via a distribution hub can visit their selected school site 11:00-12:30 daily on scheduled school days to pick up meals. Families that live on rural routes will receive their meals via delivery from our Transportation Department. Families receiving meal delivery will receive a phone call on the morning of Monday, September 14 from Transportation staff with details about their delivery times.

District Technology Hub

The Sherwood School District Technology Department will operate a hub for school issued devices in need of service or repair.

Hours and Location of Operation for the month of September:

Archer Glen Elementary – rear gym entrance under the covered playground

16155 SW Sunset Blvd. Sherwood, OR 97140

  • September 14-29:
    • Monday / Wednesday – 8-10am
    • Tuesday / Thursday – 2-4pm
    • Closed Fridays
  • Wednesday September 30th – Closed

Please wear a mask and practice social distancing while waiting for service. For additional details, please see our website here.