2022 Term 1 Week 6

Albury School Newsletter

Principal's Message

A huge THANK YOU to our Albury parents for helping us out around protecting the contact you have with staff and students and THANK YOU for wearing a mask when you have been onsite. We know that transmission is more likely to happen out there in the big world of life, but we want to do everything we can to reduce the risk to staff and students during our school days. It has worked thus far!! Well done!

The information, rules, and guidance around the management of OMICRON changes frequently, so at any point in time if you or a family member tests positive, please follow the most up to date guidance from the Ministry of Health. For the Education Sector, we also have daily updates that keep us on our toes around the expectations from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.

In a way, the longer we are not affected, the less restrictions we will have; so that is moving in a positive direction for us. We now know that as from midnight Friday, staff may only need to be away for 2 weeks in the scenario that they are isolating for 7 days due to a household contact and then if they get the virus, it will be another 7 days. So this will lessen the time that school may be moved to an online or self-directed learning platform.

There is still the risk lingering that we may have to be offsite for learning – but a huge sigh that it shouldn’t be for too long!

Communication Plan re Positive Case(s)

The communication with you around any positive school cases has also been updated. We no longer have the “close contact” reporting and isolating situations for students should a member of staff or a student test positive. Therefore the “privacy of individuals” is now at the forefront of any information shared. The guidance we have received from the Ministry of Education is that if we have a student as a positive case, we will not be informing our school community. This is to ensure the privacy of personal situations of our families. We are aware that OMICRON is circulating within the district so as a community we are already taking precautions to minimise transmission. The knowledge of whether we have a case or not does not change our current school operations.

The management plan of any positive student or staff, is exactly as it is now. If a student shows any symptoms, then they need to remain at home and only return to school when well (unless of course the illness is the OMICRON virus and, in that case, returning to school after completing the isolation requirements of the Ministry of Health). This is also the same message for adults. We currently have a seasonal virus floating around and to keep others well, we appreciate students being kept at home until they are symptom free.

Thanks for not asking staff if “Joe Bloggs” has the virus, as staff will not be able to disclose the personal situation of our families and we would rather not be placed in that “awkward” situation. You may be bored with our response “All students who are unwell must remain at home and only return to school when they no longer have symptoms”. Thanks for your understanding.

New Chromebooks

And on a fabulous note!!! – We have 13 new CHROMEBOOKS for our students! These were delivered and set up last week so all students in Tui class have their own device. They did so well sharing these for a few weeks while we waited for our new delivery. If they need to work from home, they will be able to take these home as a learning tool as they have been set up with the learning programmes and interfaces to keep connected with their teacher. Piwakawaka will have their IPAds sent home (but we may need to work on one device per family as we haven’t quite got enough of these).


I have been asked to remind our families around the safety at drop off and pick ups. Where possible please try to avoid students having to cross the road to get to you or the bus. Parking on the same side as the bus is the best scenario – with students walking behind the bus to get you, not walking in front of the bus.

Principal Absence

I will be away next week and then back on deck in a part time capacity for a few weeks. If you have messages for the staff, please email them directly. I will endeavour to still check for messages etc but just in case I miss your message please let the staff know.




I cannot believe we are now halfway through the term! Time flies when you thoroughly enjoy your work and sharing your days with such awesome kids and staff.

Take care everyone.


Donna Donnelly


Albury School

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  • Thursday 17th: Sushi
  • Thursday 24th: BOT meeting 6.30pm, School Library
  • Friday 25th: Teacher only Day- SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Thursday 31st: Sushi


  • Sunday 3rd: Daylight savings ends
  • Thursday 14th: Sushi
  • Thursday 14th: End of Term 1


  • Monday 2nd: Start Term 2


  • Monday 6th: Queens Birthday - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Friday 24th: Matariki- SCHOOL CLOSED


  • Friday 1st: Ice Skating Day Tekapo Springs
  • Friday 8th: End of Term 2

  • Monday 25th: Start of Term 3


  • Wednesday 10th: Ski Day Roundhill


  • Tuesday 6th: School Photos
  • Friday 30th: End of Term 3


  • Monday 17th: Start of Term 4
  • Monday 24th: Labour Day- SCHOOL CLOSED


  • Tuesday 13th: End of Term 4

Piwakawaka Classroom

Crikey, the weeks are going by fast, and learning is gaining momentum. The older students in the class are gaining independence skills and the addition of chrome books has added a new dimension, which is exciting. The brand-new students to the class are becoming super Albury Kids and are valued members of our Piwakawaka community.

We just loved swimming and are sad to see it come to an end this week. The progress of all students was amazing, and all are now very confident in the water and some well on track to becoming capable swimmers. A big thank you to Mrs Donnelly for all the time and energy into having the pool shipshape for us.

We have been looking at some abstract artists like Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Joan Miro and we are using some ideas from these artists to create a background for some All About me work that we have been doing. It is great fun! The photos show what we have been up to…

Nga Mihi

Heather van der Heyden

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Learning through play in Piwakawaka

Tui Classroom

How lucky are we, 13 new chromebooks! This means that every student in Tui class has their own independent chromebook. We have spent time on these this week, logging in and exploring the new Tui 2022 Weebly Page. This is a website that has links to educational websites and videos. Students have the option to explore these when they have completed their set tasks for the block.

We have been very busy in class writing a story based on a video called The Lighthouse. Our lessons included watching the video, sharing our ideas and predicting what might happen. Each student has put a fantastic effort into writing their stories. I would like to congratulate Tui for their engagement and excitement. We are currently in the process of editing, publishing and completing a piece of art to compliment our writing. Stay tuned for the final products.

The Lighthouse Video

The end of the week brings a close to swimming for Term 1. I have seen students grow in confidence and enjoy the range of activities that were linked to water safety. Thank you to everyone at home that took time each night to dry togs and towels.

Nga mihi,

Hannah Beynon

The Lighthouse, By Hayley

There was once an old lighthouse that stood on the edge of a cliff, glooming out into the ocean. The waves crashed against the jagged rocks that sat under the cliff. There was a small village down by the shiny dark ocean. In the old lighthouse there lived a grumpy old man sitting at an old desk. His face was frowning with his eyebrows bunched up. For some reason the old man slammed the crooked window shut and mumbled to himself “in the lighthouse.” Then he sat there in his old chair and wrote. His name is Ted but nobody cared, some people didn't even know he existed. Suddenly there was a scratch… then BANG! The light went out. A gust of wind blew out the candle. He grabbed his lamp and stormed up the stairs as fast as he could. As soon as he saw what had happened he almost fainted. The light bulb was broken. He looked around and saw only a small window open. He looked out the window to see a man by the bushes. Ted looked down at the man, then he looked at Ted then he vanished. A second later he heard a horn. A boat was being pushed by the waves to the rocks. He had nothing to do about it, the boat was going to crash. There was nothing to do. The boat was going to crash. He was scared out of his socks. A second later there was a million thoughts going through his head. His eye brows were bunched up. He stormed down the stairs to the door, suddenly he saw the whole village with torches and lamps. He’s and she’s, kids and adults, all had lights. Some went up stairs and some stayed down by the cliff. The boat saw the light and turned away from the village. He was the happiest he has ever been in a long time. So that was the end of that.

The Lighthouse, By Jack

It is a stormy night and the waves are crashing onto the cliff. On the cliff is a lighthouse. O, how bright it shone. The light is so important to the city every time the light shone onto the pub the people in the pub cheered. The keeper's name is Jeff. Sometimes he leaves the lighthouse for a holiday. He loved other cities. He just did not like this city. In the lighthouse Jeff is writing in his diary. It was the same except for one time of year, christmas. As the light goes around again Jeff slams the window shut and carries on writing his diary. Just that very moment he hears a noise. Then he hears it again. The window opens, the candle goes out. He hears the noise again. He runs as fast as he could. The big light goes out, he lights a lamp. He runs up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse. When he gets to the top, he sees that the cogs have stopped turning. He saw a man running as fast as he could from the lighthouse. Jeff grabs his toolbox and runs to the light, but he hears a noise. He looks out to sea. He sees a boat coming towards the lighthouse and one going away from the lighthouse. He picks up the dome and he trips on his toolbox. He looks at the toolbox feeling scared and worried. He gets an idea. He will go to the city. He runs to the door and what he sees blows his head out! Everyone from the city is here to help. They all stood together. The boat flashed away. Jeff had a tear falling from his eye.

The Lighthouse, by Azayah

It was a dark stormy night and the lighthouse lit up the town. The waves crashed on the sharp rocks. As the men cheered so loud, Dave the man in the lighthouse slammed the window closed and started mumbling while writing. Dave looked very grumpy and then BANG! The lighthouse light turned off. The window flew open and the candle blew out. He lit another one and rushed up the stairs. He was very worried, so he grabbed his tool box and ran up to the lightbulb. He looked at the lightbulb and then TOOT! He heard a ship coming towards the rocks and the ship was coming closer and closer. He moved so fast he grabbed the lightbulb and accidentally dropped it. Crash! He looked down at the town and thought “how can they help?” He ran down to the door and opened it. Coming up the hill was the town with lanterns and torches. They all went to the top and stood in a group. The light was so bright, the boat turned just in time before colliding into the jagged rocks. He was very happy.

By Azayah

Assembly Thursday 3 March

Congratulations to all the recipients of an award at assembly, well done!

Scholastic Book Club

The latest Lucky Book Club orders have arrived and been sent home.

Orders for the new issue are closing on the 25th of March 2022.

If you would like to order please go online and follow the parent's guide.


Book Club provides an affordable and convenient way of bringing a great selection of books into your home while supporting your school at the same time. The school receives 20% of your order spend in Scholastic Rewards.

Reminder: Teacher only Day 25th March

School will be closed for a Teacher only day on Friday, 25th March 2022.

Stationery 2022

Students have been issued with their stationery items.

The annual payment of $40.00 per student will cover the full year.

It would be appreciated if this could be paid by the end of March if you haven't paid already.

Bank account: Albury School Board of Trustees, 12-3159-0137213-00 (Reference: Stationery 2022 and your last name).


Contact school

To contact school during school hours please ring the office: phone number 03 685 5844.

If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To let us know that your child is away for the day, please ring the office or send an email to office@albury.school.nz and we will pass on the information to the classroom teacher.

Please be aware that if your child is away or if there are changes to their pick up routine we are required to collect this information from a caregiver -just give us a quick call or flick us an email.

Thank you!

The alpaca social club- tickets available now

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Hockey Registrations open

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North Canterbury Basketball

SIPT Tournament Invitation Letter

Kia Ora Koutou

As a registered Association or club of 2021 we would like to offer you first registration to our 2022 SIPT Tournament.

We are proud of what our SIPT Tournament represents to both you our invitational teams and to our own NCBA tamariki. We run musters of all age groups where tamariki come together from all over North Canterbury to meet each other and make new friends while having a basketball in their hands. Last year was the first time we delivered 3x3 to our years 5/6 grade and it was with great success, music was playing and the smiles were bright however most importantly we had a high level of touches to the ball via passing, shooting and team work. So everyone gets to learn skills while having fun and enjoying the game. After this tournament and then the integration of 3x3 into our Friday Night Basketball Program (FNBB) we have found the skills level and confidence of our tamariki has improved and especially noticed in our girls.

DATES: This is our 31st time this event has run!
April 22rd – 25th (Friday – Monday)
Middle weekend of the school holidays, please note that we are aiming to make this now a yearly date, so everyone can have it in their calendars.

Due to the middle weekend in 2022 being ANZAC weekend, we have to compensate for games not being played Sunday morning. Therefore games will be played on Friday night for local NC/ChCh teams only. Any travelling teams will still play first games on Saturday morning to allow for same day travel if required.

Our 2022 Tournament is to be held at the following venues:
*Mainpower Stadium - 289 Coldstream Road, Rangiora 7473
*New Life School - 2 Denchs Road, Rangiora 7400

Teams in Year 7/8 Grades will play 5v5 and
Teams in Year 5/6 Grades will play 3x3. Year 5/6 Grades will play sessions, similar to NBL 3X3, with 3-4 games in each session, and a couple sessions per day, depending on draw/team entries.

Masks are compulsory for everyone as you enter both of our venues along with vaccination passes & covid tracer app. We recommend them for inside the stadium.
With the RED traffic light system we will need to manage our internal numbers but will keep you up to date with the rules around this re spectators.

Registration link & Tournament Cost will be send soon.


We look forward to welcoming you back to our fabulous community and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Nicky Simpson – admin@northcanterbury.basketball

Ngā mihi nui

NCBA Staff & Committee


Nga mihi

Matt Cunninghame

Operations Manager

M: 027 627 4800

E: ops@northcanterbury.basketball

289 Coldstream Road

Rangiora, 7473

School Policies

The following policies are being reviewed by the Board this term:

Health and Safety Management and Emergency, Disaster, and Crisis Management

Albury School Policies are located online at School Docs.


User name: albury

Password: queen

Concerns and Complaints Process